New apartment and crafty ideas!

Heather and I are moving into a 2-bedroom apartment in Queen Anne in a few weeks - and we couldn't be more excited! Unfortunately, the next few weeks mean major down-sizing, packing and organizing (blah!) to fit all of our stuff into a much smaller area.

Our new place is located in North Queen Anne, just east of Interbay Golf Course. On a nice summer day we can walk to the driving range and mini-putt course! The new place = blank canvas. We are excited to organize and decorate to create a humble little abode.

I always peruse around on for new ideas and inspirations. Every time I visit this site I find new ideas, which creates new obsessions! This site is amazing because it encompasses all of my likes! It has all my favorite colors, textures, styles, ideas... Everything! Visiting this site makes me wish so much that I had an actual house of my own! But for now I'll just take away bits and pieces to incorporate into my little space.

I'm most excited about our balcony/patio! It lets so much light into our place and serves as the coolest spot to chill when the sun is out! You can look out our balcony right to the golf course/Magnolia. We already plan on having a grill and some cute chairs out there. In the summertime we can wheel out our little IKEA kitchen island to create a bar/table for drinks and grilled deliciousness! (please note: picture below = not actual balcony - dangit!)

If anyone has some free time on April 10-11 & wouldn't mind flexing their muscles... helpers are welcome for the move! ;)