Thirteen on Thursday

one: I need a change!

two: I'm excited that next week Luke is going to be up here for six days! He'll be working out of the Seattle Ticketmaster office! Woo Hoo!

three: We tried a great new Thai place on Monday night! Heather and I have a goal of trying a new place to eat each month...

four: I need to find Heather an awesome birthday present - it's coming up next weekend!

five: I got a new blue piggy bank so I can start saving for my future! :-p

six: I'm very happy that the Texas and Oklahoma schools aren't going to join the Pac 10! But not too excited about Utah joining...

seven: This week has been a week of bad news, but I'm looking towards more positive things (well, trying to!)

eight: Wrigley has a noodle now!

nine: I can think of a million better things to do with $80K than this...

ten: I'm convinced that Seattle is never going to get a summer...

eleven: This weekend at work we have an employee autograph session, where we can get items (bats, balls, etc.) signed by our players! I'm bringing the dad (for the 3rd year in a row).

twelve: I am going to book my Chicago plane ticket soon! (I need to do this in the next few weeks) Did you know that it is very affordable to purchase a home in Chicago (a nice condo or townhome), but very expensive to rent? Something to think about... ;)

thirteen: This has been quite a boring week for the blog (sorry!)


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