Re-visiting the Thursday Thirteen

1 - I got a new pair of running shoes - this is something that makes me super excited! :D

2 - I am STILL really bummed that I left my favorite [and pricey] pair of sunglasses at our hotel in San Francisco :(

3 - 27 days until Chicago dogs!

4 - I found a new music site to help get me through the workday... Grooveshark. Pandora started limiting how many hours you listen to each month and Slacker started playing the same songs over and over. On Grooveshark you can make your own playlists and listen to other listeners' playlists!

5 - Speaking of #4 - Lately I've been listening to A LOT of John Mayer [which makes me long for the East Coast]. Today is Pitbull [which makes me miss Miami]. I relate music to certain events or times in my life - I get really nostalgic when certain songs play.

6 - I'm also addicted to Tazo® Shaken Iced Passion Tea from Starbucks - it's my summery drink!

7 - I am super excited that the Jersey Shore is back for season two! But why is it called "Jersey Shore" when it's in South Beach? I could care less because I love seeing all the places they go in Miami... Hope they make it over to the Clevelaner - our fav. spot on South Beach! The people on the show are RIDIC, it's a huge train-wreck, but I can't stop watching it!

8 - I came across this little place in Mississippi - I would LOVE to visit this someday! (see blog about my Southern obsession...) - Good news is that I've been wanting to plan another New Orleans trip and this place is ONLY 3 hours north!

9 - I really wish that I could be more laid back... I really wish I didn't take so many things so personal... working on that...

10 - I JUST found out that Ivar's is not just a walk-up-and-get-fried-seafood-and-fries kind of place! Our department took our intern out for a farewell lunch here yesterday. It's located at Pier 54 [right on the waterfront] and it's a semi-fancy sit-down restaurant. Our food was far from what you see at their walk-up locations! Fresh coho salmon with yukon gold mashed potatoes and a side of lemon-cucumbers, finished with an apricot-brandy glaze. Delicious! I was scraping every last taste of sauce off my plate!

11 - I can't believe that it is AUGUST already! Summer has flown by and I don't really feel like I've been able to take advantage of nice weather and fun summer activities...

12 - Did I already mention that Chicago is in 27 days...

13 - Today is my Aunt Holly's Birthday! I hope she has a super wonderful day!


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