Newest Obsession #1

On Saturday I got a mani/pedi in Belltown [Thanks, Mady, for the gift certificate!] where I stumbled across my newest obsession. There were about 100+ nail polish colors to choose from at the salon and after successfully looking through 98% of them, I settled on a reddish/orangish/pinkish shimmery shade. I thought it was a suitable holiday color and a color that I wouldn't usually pick out for myself; so in my effort of trying new/different things, I went with it & I loved the results!

When I got home I showed Heather [the sister] and she's like, ohhh that's part of the new "Burlesque Holiday Collection". Me, not knowing much about fashion/beauty trends, had no idea. We went down to Cosmo Prof and checked out the other colors in the collection and instantly fell in love. New obsession!

My favorites of the new holiday collection.

How lovely are these holiday shades?!