Once upon a time I almost fell out of a balloon...

It's true. You can read my story down below the pictures.

A few years ago I went to Albuquerque, NM with my dear friend, Cheyenne, for the International Balloon Fiesta. We had such a fun weekend taking part in all the festivities & seeing SO MANY pretty balloons. It really is an amazing sight to see. I took a ton of pictures & just recently went through them all & thought they were too cool not to share with everyone!

 Myself & Cheyenne
 Pretty balloons
 Riding in the "chase truck" on our way to find where our balloon is headed
 Me, scared to death.
 The view from up above.
 Our balloon pilot is telling us a story... It's all part of the initiation.
 He didn't tell us that we had to chug a cup of champagne without using our hands... While people also pour it over our heads.
 I cheated.
I can't share these pictures without telling you that I almost died in a balloon that weekend.

Riding in a hot air balloon isn't at all like you would picture it to be... Floating peacefully through the sky, landing softly on the ground... Nope! During my experience we had a super bumpy take-off with the basket bouncing up & down on the ground & dragging until we were able to take off.

Right then I was thinking, okay I *might* die today.

As soon as we were in the sky, we were fine, minus a few jolts here & there, we floated along for a good 20 minutes, no problem. When we went to land, a gust of wind picked us up & threw us into a tree!

Immediate freaking out! 
I dropped down into the basket & held on for dear life. 
Moment #2 where I thought I *might* die today. 

The basket swayed back & forth & we could see the ground beneath us. This only lasted for a few seconds, but of course it felt like an eternity! Our pilot got us out & safely landed us in a parking lot nearby.

No more hot air balloons for me!

How's that for some mid-week randomness?! 


  1. you've just confirmed that i will NEVER ride in an air balloon! thank you. (no, really)

    i've had a few friends attend the balloon festival in NM and each time i kick myself for not going. it's stunning, don't you think?

  2. these photos are so amazing. I would love to ride in a hot air balloon someday. You are so funny, but it looks like you still had fun :)

  3. Wow what a day! Looks amazing and fun and hysterical hehe.

  4. I believe it. I will NEVER ride in one of those death traps! Glad you made it out relatively unscathed ;-)


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