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Hi, everyone! I am Ashley That is All. If you visit my blog you will discover a few things – I’m a redhead, I have a nail polish obsession, and I love the area where I live.

I was born and raised in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. I know that one day I may move, but I really can’t imagine living someplace else. I have everything I could possibly want right at my fingertips (museums, historic sites, great restaurants, shopping). I even have an series on my blog dedicated to fun things you can do in D.C. and the surrounding areas in Virginia and Maryland.

Now, maybe you are thinking, “It’s easy for her to find cool places because she lives right next to the Nation’s Capital!” You can too, no matter where you live! I follow a lot of blogs from all over the world, from big cities to the most rural of towns, and I love to see when people really connect with where they live. A great example is Danielle from Sometimes Sweet. She loves small town life and blogs about her area quite frequently. Would you like to start exploring your city more? Here are a few ideas….

1. Follow bloggers from your area. I have a little bit of a girl crush on LoveTaza (I know, I know, who doesn’t?). But other than thinking about how cute she and her tiny family is, I get great ideas for adventures because she lives close to me. When she talks about interesting museums or pretty parks or yummy restaurants, I take note. Then next time Jeremy and I are wondering where to eat, I can suggest someplace we haven’t been before.

lemon pancakes

2. Pick something you love then research! Frozen yogurt, crepes, coffee, art, live music, hiking – what is your thing? You know what I’m talking about – something that you get excited about. I love brunch more than a person probably should. So I did a simple search on Google for the best brunch spots in Northern Virginia and D.C. I compiled a list of the most highly rated and am slowly making my way down the list. I have visited parts of my city I didn’t even know existed! You can do the same thing with whatever you are passionate about.

Birthday Tea Party

British Tea Pantry Birthday Party

3. Be a tourist for a day. Pretend that you have a friend visiting you for the first time. Where would you take them? Any attractions your area is known for? Do you know a great local coffee spot that would make Starbucks look like gas station coffee? GREAT! Support local businesses. It is so good for your area. A girlfriend of mine recently had a birthday. Could we have gone to Olive Garden to celebrate? Sure, but we’ve all been there and done that. Instead I did a little internet research and found a local tea parlor owned by a British couple. Not only did we have a perfect afternoon, but my blog post about the day got new people to visit the tea pantry – win win!


4. Take your camera for a walk. There is something about having your camera with you that can make even a short walk around your neighborhood fun. Looking through a lens helps you see things in a different light.

I hope these tips give you some ideas. Get out there - create your own adventures. :)

That is all.
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How great was Ashley's post?! I am so thrilled that she agreed to guest post for me today as I am galavanting through Nashville, TN! That's right, no more barn weddings, receptions at the local bar, or driving through the middle of Kentucky; I am spenidng my day exploring Nashville! Anyways, big thanks to Ashley for wrapping up the guest posts on my blog. Please check her out here, I promise you wont be disappointed! :)


  1. great guest post! love finding out about new-to-me blogs!

    thanks so much for your sweet comment the other day. may 2011 is DEF the best month ever ;)


  2. What an awesome guest post! I SO miss living in DC!

  3. Aww! I loved this post! Both because I adore Ashley and DC :). Great job my dear!!


  4. great post! I need to make a brunch list for my town :) I love brunch too!

  5. Love this! I live in Sacramento, which often gets a bad rap, but there's so much cool stuff here. Just about anywhere has a lot to offer if you look for it.


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