a moment in my day

When I saw this topic listed, I instantly knew which moment I wanted to write about. There was a moment in my day from a few months back, in January. 

We were flying into San Francisco, one of my favorite cities, on a Saturday morning. We woke early & took the light rail from downtown Portland all the way to the airport, a good 45 minute ride. I was anxious for the few days leading up to our trip & especially the morning of. You know those excited nerves that you get before a trip that you're looking forward to? Yes, I had those :) There was something specific that I was waiting for, too, something specific that I couldn't wait to experience.

I was actually waiting for this moment for months & months. I would even bug Luke about it occasionally okay, often :)

I was waiting for the moment that I could look down & see the Golden Gate Bridge from the plane.

Sound silly? Probably. But that's okay.

It's something that I've always wanted to see from up above, but never had. Every time I've visited San Francisco, I've always driven there, so I never got to see the city from the sky's point of view. It was one of those little bucket list items that I was going to get crossed off my list. It was also the perfect way to start what turned out to be a fantastic weekend in my perfect city. (I just wished the picture could've turned out a little better...) But don't worry, that moment in my day was everything I hoped it would be.

But don't worry, our friends drove us to a viewpoint to snap a much better photo :)


  1. I love this post, because I know exactly what you mean! The nerves before a trip, the expectations! Ah, I love those moments!

  2. Love this.
    I always loving seeing the cities from the airplanes. It gives you such a different perspective...literally. lol :)

  3. Love these pretty pics! We are going home in a couple weeks... I can't wait!


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