May Goals

Here are some May Goals of mine. It's kind of light this month, but there are still some things (as always...) that I'd like to accomplish! I really only hit a 50% completion rate on my April Goals (yikes & oops!) but the good thing is that I can roll them over to May. Sneaky, sneaky! :)

- Stick with our Health/Fitness Plan! I haven't talked about it on the blog yet, but Luke & I have a PLAN & we've been sticking to it! We've been working really hard towards changing our health & fitness routines. We've each lost 12 pounds so far (did you hear that!!!??) We feel amazing & are loving the results. The best thing is that it isn't a diet, it's more of a lifestyle change. Ohhh and the wedding is next month, so it's crunch time (no pun intended, hehe)
- Volunteer! We have some friends that take one day a month & use that day to volunteer in their community for a day. I do some volunteering at work, but not nearly enough as I'd like to.
- More photography practice! I was just recently asked to take 6 months photos for a friends baby girl! I'm excited for the opportunity because I think it will be great practice!
- Shampoo those dang carpets! It WILL happen in May. It will.

April Goals

- Do something really nice for my mom's birthday (on the 8th) - I sent her a little something in the mail & my gosh it arrived on time (thankfully). I wish I could've done more for her, she is quite an amazing lady.
- Price out/plan our kitchen remodel! - OK, I got so excited for this one that I completed it before I even published it here! We priced out our kitchen remodel & started purchasing the supplies for it! We're going to tackle this project after the wedding - so starting this summer Luke & Holly will have butcher block counter tops & subway tiles in the kitchen! I envision myself just standing and staring in awe, upon completion...
- Shampoo the upstairs carpets (hello boring homeowner chore!) - Well this didn't get done... But I did research some carpet cleaning companies & I am thisclose to clicking the purchase button!
- Finish a few sewing projects that I've been putting off for a long time. Finished up the sewing projects that  needed to do for the wedding!
- Hit up some garage sales (is it time for those yet)? - Not yet!
- Plan our own garage sale! - With everything going on, this will have to wait until after the wedding to plan!
- Figure out what needs to go in our garage sale... - Ongoing!
- Continue working on a personal photography project. Something kind of big happened over the weekend - something big that I need to start working towards & practicing for... :) I got asked to photograph a friends wedding, so I have big plans to practice my little heart out for her big day next year!

I'm skipping the topic of the day for the "Blog Every Day in May Challenge" because I really wanted to get my goals out there this week, but I'm still blogging today, so it counts! :)


  1. I read your list, and I have been planning on cleaning my carpets for the past 3 months. Well I did it tonight! They look so clean and the house smells so good. I highly suggest you move it up on your list.
    ( I will admit that we have someone interested in buying our house, so that helped kick me into gear)


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