This is what I do

Monday, May 6, 2013

If you couldn't answer with your job, how would you answer the question, 'what do you do'?

I am so happy to answer the question of "what do you do" with a response other than my job. When you're asked this question, you automatically think of answering with your job. I like my job, but in no way does it define me. My job isn't a reflection of who I am. When I get home each evening I make a deliberate decision not to talk about work & and push my focus to my personal life. When I get home my focus is on Luke, the puppy, my family, my friends... all things that I'm happy to answer the above question with :)

So without further ado, this is what I do...

I keep a smile on Luke's face. 
Seriously, I might be the silliest person on earth - Luke is always laughing at something I'm doing. 
I'm most likely saying something ridiculous here... 
It's probably safe to say that one of the things we do best together is laugh. 
I have way too much fun with some amazing friends. We take trips together, tailgate together, go on pub crawls together... you name it - they make life so much fun. 
I share a lot of love with an awesome family. The awesomest (is that a word?) family. We compliment each other almost too good. We have the most fun & make the best memories together. 

I keep my passion for photography alive any moment I have. I snapped the photo below while in a moving car... Any opportunity to snap away.