Thursday 13

Who says you have to start your week off on a Monday?

In my efforts to blog more often I have created the "Thursday 13". Every Thursday (hopefully...) I will post my 13 thoughts for the week. I like this better than the "weekend update" that I usually fall back on. So here goes, lets see if I can keep up with this every week!

01 - I am super nervous/excited/hopeful and looking forward to tomorrow &*#$%&*#$!

02 -I wish I was better about attending my spin class this week...

03 - My student job-shadowed me at work and on-field with clients this past Tuesday. I really enjoy being a mentor to students - I love sharing my knowledge and experience with students and helping out in any way that I can.

04 - My old co-worker posted this on her fb status and I totally agree: It worries me that some folks seem to be more freaked out about the FB privacy settings than the BP situation. [I agree]

05 - I just got an invitation to my friends wedding in August and I am so excited because her and her fiance are such a great couple and I know that their wedding will be so much fun!

06 - There's been a few times this week where I wish that FB was still only available to the college educated. I've seen a few posts that I really should be submitting to

07 - Lately TLC has been airing a lot of great documentaries... But it's bad when you stay up until 1am watching them...

08 - I saw this posted on and it made me really sad. When you think you live (or lived) in a safe city - there are still awful people other there.

09 - Lately I've been thinking a lot about wanting to purchase a house - but on my salary - this is impossible. Plus I don't want to buy anything in Seattle...

10 - I'm getting a sore throat - and I don't like it.

11 - I have decided that I love day games during the week! We've had two in the past week and they've been wonderful!

12 - Heather and I have been trying to pick a new restaurant every month - I think we are going to fail at May...

13 - I am excited for a 3-day weekend!