Thursday 13

01 -#$%#Q@$%!#

02 - I am THIS EXCITED to meet Luke's parents this weekend!

03 - I have realized that my pet peeve for the week is people and their endless complaints about the weather. Did they forget that they live in the NW??

04 - Viva Puffs (only found in Canada) have been the death of me this week.

05 - We had an intern start this week - so far she's great.

06 - I realized that I need to cook more. I also wish there were a few more hours in the day to do this...

07 - I also realized that I dislike our property management company. A LOT.

08 - Griffey retired yesterday. I'm glad that I was able to be a part of the Mariners organization when he ended his career.

09 - A friend of mine got laid off this week. Her company is going through a merger and a lot of re-structuring. It makes me sad that a great company and its great employees are being compromised. Damn Corporate America!

10 - I am not a fan of Seattle traffic. Yesterday I left home at 8am and made it to work at 8:50. Today I left work at 8am and made it to work at 8:15. This makes no sense.

11 - I watched "Dear John" a few nights back... not a fan of that movie.

12 - My mom is coming to the game with me tonight for Girls Night Out!

13 - Wow - its been a busy week for me here!


  1. Walls!! Yes a busy week indeed for you! Meeting Luke's parents?! Woohoo! That is exciting! I've missed you. That last night we had in Portland was so fun - we should do it again soon! Hope you're having a great weekend! xoxo Abs


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