Thursday Thirteen

01 - I can't believe this is still going on. It's sad. When will BP assume responsibility? On a side note: Did you happen to see what Aziz Ansari had to say about BP on the MTV Movie Awards??

02 - Happy that Luke is coming up this weekend (well to Gig Harbor anyways) I owe him :)

03 - I watched Sex and City 2 on Tuesday night, it was not a good movie. The only thing that happened was Carrie kissing her ex-boyfriend & Charlotte having a nervous breakdown - other than that, everything else was the same... disappointing movie.

04 - I think this is awful. I wont be visiting this establishment in my lifetime. Red and Black Cafe

05 - Less than a month and Luke and I are on our way to San Francisco! [I can't wait for Luke to meet the "Bush Man"]

06 - AND in a few months... Chicago!

07 - The newest iPhone came out this week. I never even had the old one... :(

08 - I hope to get rid of A LOT of crap at our garage sale this weekend!!!!

09 - I can't wait to see this documentary.

10 - So impressed with Jimmy Johns delivery service. Serious. I place my order online and in approximately 5 minutes, my food is here! No joke!

11 - I've been listening to this song a lot. My favorite line is "we'll melt your popsicle... OOooOOoOOooo"

12 - The Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup! Luke is happy.

13 - This week has been a week of realizing that you cannot change people, or that they may never change or care. I need to learn to take such things less personal...