I know it's early but...

I know it might be a little early to start planning... but I'm doing it anyways! And for those that know me well [or even at all] know that I tend to get overly excited about things... :)

We have 34 days until our Chicago trip and here's what it's looking like so far:

Thursday: Arrival! Deep Dish Pizzas at Giordanos! There is one near the airport Luke's parents are going to take us to after we grab all our bags and leave the airport. Then home to Luke's parents house in Indiana.

Friday: This is the day where Luke and I are going to wander around Chicago! We have a full day booked of riding around on the train, going on a boat tour of Lake Michigan and the Chicago River, going to this super crazy, scary glass box 103 stories in the sky and Millennium Park.

Saturday: We will be visiting the friendly confines for a Cubbies game! Thanks to some wonderful people [my counterpart at the Cubs] we [Luke, his mom, his dad and myself] get to venture down to the field for some photos and tour around the ballpark! This day is going to be so much fun - I am already craving an Old Style and a Chicago Dog!

Sunday: We are off to Six Flags Great America. This will be my first time riding scary roller coasters - I'm beyond excited! Part of Six Flags also includes Hurricane Harbor, an awesome water park... Cross your fingers for good weather!

Monday: Boating on Lake Michigan!

So, it hardly sounds like a vacation because we are busy the entire time - But I can't wait!


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