The Daily Distractions

Sometimes I get so distracted during the day. I can't help it. This morning I got distracted by South Carolina. On facebook a few southern sites I follow are Louisiana Travel and Southern Living [two of my favorite resources for travel ideas, recipes, decorating, etc...] Both are wonderful at providing a broad range of interests all over the south. Today there was a post on the 5 Tasteful U.S. Trips. Of course I am going to click on this... I have upcoming travels and I always hope to stumble across a hidden gem; something off the beaten path. Of course what I found has nothing to do with my upcoming travels, but I perused anyways and I came across - South Carolina's Low Country [a place that is on the top of my U.S. travel list]. I read on to find some great restaurants [think shrimp and grits and low country boils...]. Of course I open up google maps to see where these places are located [out of curiosity] and I see that Charleston, South Carolina has a French Quarter!? What!? How come no one ever told me about this!? [I told you this post was about distractions... it happens so easily] - So now my research has turned from finding a place to eat in Chicago to googling the French Quarter in South Carolina... After this find, SC has been bumped up to the near top of my travel list. Check out just how lovely the French Quarter is below:

Dream House, swoon

Quintessential Southern decor

Ornate detail

Adorable street

How lovely is this place??