Wait, What... It's Thursday again already?

So, a while ago I told myself I was going to do a "Thursday Thirteen" every Thursday to re-cap my week and whatnot [things that have happened, things that are going to happen...] Well, life doesn't always work out as you plan it! I get busy, I get bored, I get tired, I get distracted and I also get lazy [oops]! I do love my blog and I do love sharing everything with you [who are you? who actually reads this? hehe] - so here is a different Thursday edition... Thirteen things currently on my mind. right. now.

1 - Ugh can't believe it's only Thursday - yesterday seemed like Friday, so it makes no sense to me that tomorrow is Friday when Friday felt like yesterday... nevermind...

2 - When I walked into work this morning, the first conversation I heard was people complaining about the weather - this really annoyed me. Not a fan of constant complainers... [wait, am I now complaining, too? oops!]

3 - I plan on running stairs beofre lunch and then I'm going shopping for inner-tubes afterwards [we're floating the river this weekend].

4 - I ate a Blazing Bagel this morning, I am full, I hope that goes away before running stairs before lunch...

5 - I need another haircut. I Love my short hair, it only takes minutes to do [took an hour with the long hair]. BUT I have to get haircuts more often because it grows so fast now - it's a lose-lose situation.

6 - Just realized Jersey Shore is on tonight... YES!

7 - I have two Fantasy Football teams - Hope I do better than last place this year... :)

8 - Heather and I were looking up Fantasy Football team names a few nights ago. Here are my favs:
- Favre Dollar Footlong
- Somewhere over Dwayne Bowe (my personal favorite)
- Snakes on a Reggie Wayne
- Reggie Bush's Bakes Beans
-many others I can't remember at the moment...

9 - It's cold in the office right now... Burrr

10 - Have you voted 25 times a day? Sorry readers, I have not shared this with you yet - Just got this in a front office e-mail...

11 - This day is dragging... That always happens when the team is out of town and it reaches the end of the work week.

12 - I'm going to ZOOOOOOMBA tonight!

13 - Please be Friday, NOW