Thursday 13

1 - Summer is over in Seattle. I am now looking forward to updating my wardrobe for FALL. I do love the fall season with the changing of the colors and the crisp and fresh feeling in the air. I can't wait to find some new sweaters and such at Nordstrom this weekend! Check out these cute fall sweaters [all in my price range]!

2 - Another great thing about Fall... My favorite tv show is coming back! Yay for Modern Family!

3 - I am thisclose to getting the new iPhone! Still deciding if I want a phone bill every month or not...

4 - I am reading a new book, Blame. I am still trying to get into it - at a slow point right now. I'm hoping it gets better because the reviews were good!

5 - Luke is coming up this weekend AGAIN! :) He has to work for part of the Husky game - then it's a wonderful weekend of shopping, Lobstershopping and sports watching! GO BEAVS!

6 - I got Mad Men S1 on Netflix - but just couldn't get into it... Going to try for a new show. Any recommendations?

7 - I am a huge nerd because I got a new file/storage unit placed under my desk this week and I LOVE IT. My desk is now "organized" instead of "organized chaos". It's the little things in life...

8 - I can't wait to upload the pics from my camera [literally hundreds upon hundreds are on there]! My USB cord turned into a snake and slithered out of my life - so I had to buy a new one! [$0.62 on Amazon - Holla!]

9 - Did I mention that I am slowly getting back into my gym routine? Well I am! Feels good!

10 - Luke and I are going to sign up for our first race! We are going to start out with a 5k! The race is Sunday, October 24th in Portland!

11 - The 2010 Seattle Mariners baseball season will soon come to an end. The way the team has been playing, I think most everyone is looking forward to a break...

12 - FFB [Fantasy Football for the rookies] is taking over my life on Sundays and Mondays. I went 1-0 and 0-1 in my two leagues last week. Can't win 'em all! GO HOLLZ BALLZ!

13 - I have recently re-joined the world of Twitter. I still don't know how I feel about it... You can follow me here though!


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