It snowed in Seattle today. So you know what that means... Everyone freaked out and started complaining! Yeah, I'm sick of those idiots, too! I woke up early and took the bus to work to avoid the awful drivers and ended up beating everyone to work by about 45 minutes. We all got an early dismissal because it never stopped snowing and our bosses wanted to make sure that we all had plenty of time to make it home before the weather got worse. It took Heather and I over two hours from downtown to make it home to Queen Anne [this also included getting kicked off one bus because it wasn't making any more stops... walking down the icy sidewalk to try and find a new bus/cab/anything... to finally getting a bus a half hour later and walking up steep snowy/icy hills to make it home! Whew!

Here are a few pix from the snow day that Seattle had today. Minus the bus fiasco at the end of the evening, we had fun running around in the snow downtown, it was a beautiful winter wonderland day!

Fall AND Winter

A VERY crowded bus...

Walking up the steep snowy steps to reach our final destination, our house!

Cute boots in the snow!

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