This weekend, just one trip to one store resulted in a slew of items that I would like to add to my Christmas wish list! Usually on a trip to Anthro, I make a b-line to the back of the store to peruse the sale racks, but this time I got stopped by all of the cute home accessories [that they so cleverly place in the front of the store, so you have to walk through them...]

Gift wrap & accessories to package your presents!

Cute little rolling pins to roll out your holiday pie dough

Tea-And-Crumpets Apron: The name says it all!

The Voluspa Japonica Candle Tin in Goji Berry: Delicious

Lets not forget how creative Anthropologie is with their store decorations... Their space always echos the same designs of their clothes... Whimsical!

Christmas cheer right when you walk through the front door!

Cute little holiday display

Decorations hung from the ceiling with joy...

Happy Christmas Shopping!