i get excited about little things...

Today I made my first purchase on Etsy

I have been browsing this site for months & months & I finally decided to take the plunge & just make a purchase already! [and I might be addicted now...]

This morning, while doing my daily check of the blogs that I follow, I noticed that Sandy al a Mode was doing a giveaway with one of her sponsors to win a ruffle necklace from Meg's shop, Pretty Things by Meg. I went to look at the other items that she had in her shop & fell in love with these turquoise earrings [below] & couldn't resist the peach ruffle necklace, either [also below]!

It just so happens that my current favorite color combination is turquoise & peach... So it's a perfect fit!

Check out Meg's Etsy shop for tons of other pretty little things that she makes!


  1. aww thanks for blogging about this!!! i LOVE her ruffle necklaces and think im going to have to make my purchase soon too.. we can be twins!! :) btw, i DO have those turquoise earrings so we WILL be twins HA!!

  2. LOVE those green earrings. great pick! i am obsessed with etsy! xoxo jcd

  3. I follow both of those blogs! I would have to say... good choice :)

  4. i love the green earrings! the color is really great!

  5. little things make me happy too. I have been tempted by Etsy myself. I will have to go browsing. Thanks for the info!


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