A lot to be thankful for...

As Thanksgiving approaches I've been thinking of all the little things in my life that I'm especially thankful for. It's been one amazing year so far; so much has happened & I can't help but to take a step back & be thankful for everything in my life.
-- A new (to us) house that we're absolutely in love with.

-- The fact that Luke has a good job.
(& when the future of mine is in question, I am very thankful that Luke is here to help out)

-- Living in a city that I love so much.

-- Parents that are loving & supportive of everything I do.

-- A sister that is my best friend. Its been hard living 3 hours away from her - so I'm very thankful for phone conversations & text messages that only we can understand :)

-- Friends to laugh with over a few beers.

-- Iced coffees. Mmm mmm mmm.

-- A sunny day that snuck in over the weekend - hence the above photo in our backyard :)

-- A short week at work this week!


  1. meep meep. No one understands me more than you do! miss you sister!!

  2. cool photo! I'm following

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  3. Aw! what a sweet sentiment. I find that every year when I think of this, I immediately think of friends and family. I think that reoccurring gratitude alone is enough to be thankful for.

  4. Great list! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! :)


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