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Today I am linking up with Krysten from Why Girls Are Weird. She hosted a scarf swap a little while back & I'm sharing what I sent to my swap partner & what she sent me in return. The rules were to buy your partner a scarf &other goodies if you wanted to, but to try & spend between $25-$30. Here's how our swap went...
I bought Missy a houndstooth scarf, my favorite bottle of nail polish 
& a sparkly black necklace!
Missy outdid herself & bought me so many great items, I was in shock when I opened the package! I received a green knit scarf, a headband & earrings, a yummy scented candle, a few notepads, coffee artwork, a bottle of nail polish and a few thoughtful mixed cd's! Missy was so sweet to put so much thought & effort into her package - it totally put mine to shame. Missy is definitely making her way to the top of my Christmas list, so she can expect a few more things coming her way in the next month! Check your mailbox, Missy! :)


  1. you sure got a lot of fun goodies!! how fun!! :)

  2. thanks lady!! i'm so glad to hear you enjoyed everything i sent. i opened your package last night and love everything you sent! the scarf, jewelry and polish couldn't be more perfect for me!! thank you so much.


  3. wow, you're so lucky to get so much stuff... I really like the nail polish, necklace & scarf you sent, too - very sweet!

  4. haha i feel like my partner put me to shame too!! my next swap's partner will be amazed. :)

    have a great weekend!

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  6. Aww...what amazes me is how much thought everyone puts into their swap items. And all the personal touches. I loved the scarf you picked for missy, getting it in the purple was such a great idea! And your goodies from her made me think wow! - Those mixed CDs!


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