How do people find your blog?

Have you ever gone into your statistics & viewed how people find your blog based on what keywords they've entered in google search? If you haven't, you should probably do yourself a favor and go check it out! You might be surprised on what leads people to your little corner of the Internet.

Stats >> Traffic Sources >> Search Keywords
From here you can filter by Now/Day/Week/Month or All Time
(this is, of course, if you use Blogger)

buffy the vampire wisteria lane - Totally drawing a blank here. I've never even seen that show, let alone mention it on my blog. Hmm...

little miss typewriting - Awwwe that's cute.

bike is my life - I totally understand.

icanhascheezburger - I know what this is - just have no idea how that led anyone here...

littlemissho - Either someone is trying to send me a message - or they were so excited trying to find my blog that they hit enter too soon.

feathered hair wedding dresses - This kind of makes me cringe.

turning a bedroom into a closet - Oh how I wish I could do this, too!

diy gracie stand - hmm, not sure on this one - gracie is my dog and a "gracie stand"?? hmm

dive bar wedding & dive bar wedding reception - Luke's cousin's wedding reception was in a dive bar & we decorated the crap out of that place to make it look semi-decent... I shared pictures a long time ago - but I find it hilarious that people are wanting to do the same. I sure hope they're just searching for it for a good laugh & aren't serious...

facke pictuers of boobs 2013 nola - haha in my last New Orleans recap I posted a photo of all us girls in a souvenir shop holding up t-shirts with boobs & beads on it. Apparently that is a popular search phrase because it lead more than a couple people to my blog, oops!

Seriously, friends! Take a moment to check out how people find your blog. You could get all strategic & use words that people are likely to search for... or you could be like me & just use it for a good laugh every now & then :)


  1. I look all the time and it's seriously the most random and weird things that people search and my blog comes up! I'm all for the good laugh ever now and then!

  2. I just looked at mine for the first time today! I didn't know I could see what people were searching for until I saw this post, thanks!


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