A few changes around here

Well, the blog officially has a new name and a slightly updated look! What used to be Little Miss Holls is now the Copeland Adventures. When I first started blogging (way back in 08-09-ish) I chose my previous name on a whim. There was never any thought put into it. Truth be told, it was never a name that I absolutely loved, but I couldn't think of anything else, haha. Whenever anyone asked me what my blog name was, I would sheepishly say the name, always a little embarrassed. Over the years I got kind of attached to it though. I've been through a lot with this blog in the past 5+ years. A move, purchasing a house, getting a dog, an engagement, a wedding... But as my life continues to evolve, I thought the blog name should as well. This blog is way less about me and more about my life adventures. The new name seemed fitting. Now let's see if this new change will inspire me to provide more updates... We'll see :)


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