day 5: something orange

For "something orange" I really wanted to take a picture
tailgating at a Beaver game this season.
But I have no immediate plans of going to a game right now
& in the interest of not dragging out my challenge
I'm sharing "something else that is orange"

This is the sunset from after my friend Aaron's wedding.
The sunsets in central Oregon are always beautiful - especially in wildfire season.
The smoke from the wildfires make the sky look ominous during the day
& absolutely gorgeous at night.

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  1. amazing shot! i love how it looks as if it's a mirrored image. very cool

  2. Wow, this is gorgeous!

    Have a lovely weekend.



  3. Holy moly! You took that photo Holls??? Incredible!

  4. WOW! What an amazing photo - it almost doesn't even look real! I miss wildfire sunsets, they're quite beautiful in Australia too!

  5. As a Duck I'm glad that this was the orange you chose ;)

  6. Beautiful! I love your idea for the 30 day challenge. Can't wait for the rest! :-)

  7. Love that you're doing the photo challenge! This is a gorgeous orange sunset! Well done! :)


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