Basketball Season!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It starts again! My favorite time of the year... Basketball season returns :-) When the season ended last year I was starting another one, with another league, so I didn't really have time to miss them. And now they're back! My first love, the TrailBlazers open on the road in LA tonight. With such a great team this year, I am so excited for the boys! All day I've seen my old co-workers post their status on Facebook saying they're down in LA for the game, going to opening day bashes, working away for the home opener (Oct. 31)... I'm so glad everyone else is so excited about them, too! I am for many reasons... I'll definately miss that game day buzz, that crazy energy that makes working in sports oh so exciting. To all my P-town friends: cheer on our boys tonight!


10 Things

Monday, October 27, 2008

Here is a list of 10 things that I want to accomplish. Some are already a work in progress while others might take a while to complete. I have my entire life, so I'm not to worried about it. I know I'm a little crazy, but that's why you all love me, right? ;-)

1) Own a silver Mercedes.

2) Visit every MLB Ballpark in the U.S.

3) Become a member of the Seattle Mariners Dancing Grounds Crew (I understand this might take a while... a.k.a. I'm not going anywhere anytime soon ;-)

4) Visit our family castle in Ireland.

5) Marry my bestest friend (at the rate I'm going and going about it... it's not going to happen anytime soon and I'm okay with this ;-)

6) Own a cute little house and decorate it with all of my artistic abilities (and have my own darkroom)

7) Learn another language.

8) Brew my own beer.

9) Make a difference in someones life.

10) Learn how to play the harmonica.

There you go! Loves!

Happy 5 months! :-)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Yesterday officially marks that I have been with the Seattle Mariners for 5 months! Wow, it's flown by so fast! I entered into the season a month and a half already underway and am now enjoying the first rainy month of the off-season. So far, so good. I feel that I've transitioned to an MLB Front Office fairly well; given I've had three years experience with other teams, I kinda knew what to expect ;-) It's so different, but so similar at the same time. If you've worked in sports, you know exactly what I mean.

I'm just trying to focus on staying busy during the off-season and making my department proud that they hired me :-)
Countdown until Opening Day (2 days before my birthday!) I love this place!

I love Autumn in the NW

Friday, October 17, 2008

This is Corvallis in the fall. 
Absolutely lovely!
[I didn't take this picture, a friend of mine did]

How I got to where I am today

Monday, October 13, 2008

My friend Jessica wrote a blog on all the jobs that she's had and how they've all led her to the path she's on now. Finding out things about yourself along the way, and learning what your passions are... It inspired me to write one of my own :-) Here are all of the jobs that I've had to date:

McDonalds: This lasted two weeks! I applied on accident (I wasn't serious and I didn't think they would actually hire me). Two of my best friends worked there so that's why I did it. It sucked.

Erickson's Sentry: One of the two grocery stores in my hometown. I started as a boxer here my senior year of high school. I bagged groceries and organized the merchandise. I worked here for a year before going off to college.

Brightwood: This is a wood mill and employees a lot of people in Madras. I worked at the Bend plant the summer after my freshman year of college. I stacked boards onto pallets, that's all. I worked swing shift (4pm - 2am) it sucked to miss all the crazy parties back at my apartment (shout out to #69!) but my roommies always rallied and kept them going so I could enjoy when I got home. Let's just say there were many of late nights that summer. Great summer! This job continued into the school year and became part time (4-9 M-TH). It paid A LOT, that is the only reason why I stayed there a while.

Erickson's Sentry (again): I went back to work here for one summer while attending OSU and then another time for Christmas break.

Zumiez: I didn't work here for long. I went up to Seattle with Tom (boyfriend at the time) and folded clothes and greeted people. Not that exciting, but I did like the discount :-)

Oregon State University: CPG! Caption Production Group. Such a random job. I captioned videos for hearing impaired students. Me (and three others) pretty much set up this program and created the policies/procedures for the department because our boss did absolutely no work at all. She would chat with her girlfriend all day on Yahoo Instant Messenger. True Story. I did meet Erica, who is my dear friend that is now in Law School at UW. Hi Erica!

Portland Trail Blazers: I was finished with school (well pretty much, I had one online class I was taking...) and I went to work for the Portland Trail Blazers! I worked in the Community Relations and Communications departments. I did media tracking, press clips, market research, helped coordinate community events, helped with player appearances in the community, volunteered my extra time in helping out every game I was available for (stat runner and mascot wrangler!) Geez I could go on and on and on... This is where I decided that I wanted to work in sports forever! What a great place this was (and still is).

Phoenix Suns: I moved to Phoenix and got a job with the Phoenix Suns. I was a Database Marketing Coordinator. I coordinated pre-sales and special offers for Downtown Live members. I learned a lot more about an NBA Front Office here. It just wasn't for me though. There were a lot of things here that I just didn't agree with, business wise. I did however, meet a lot of amazing people that mean so much to me and helped me through a lot. :-)

MacDonald Mille Facility Solutions: I was an Office Coordinator for a Construction/HVAC service company. Although this field interests me none whatsoever, there were some great people here. It was mindless work and I felt like I was accomplishing nothing. It gave me time to focus on what I really wanted to go after in my career. This was pretty much just a waiting period.

Portland Trail Blazers (again): I was itching to get back into sports. I got hired as a seasonal Game Night Media Relations Assistant (in addition to the MacMiller job). I issued credentials to the media and helped run the media room (aka stat runner). I loved every minute of this job. The stats crew is an amazing group of people and the Communications Department absolutely rocks! They were like my second family :-)

Seattle Mariners: Right after the Blazers season ended (last day away game in phoenix and my birthday) I got a call from the Mariners saying that they wanted me to interview for a position that I had applied for. Could the timing be any more perfect? One week later I was going to Seattle for an interview; one week later I got offered the job; two weeks later I was living in Seattle. I now work in the Corporate Business department (Sponsorship... Corporate Marketing) I help maintain and execute our sponsors contracts. I help with proposals and coordinate every little detail... I take clients down to the field for batting practice, to throw out a first pitch or do an on-field presentation, I help coordinate and execute an event at the ballpark sponsored by one of our clients. I pretty much help our entire department out any way that I can :-) I love it here!

Well there it is. All the jobs that I've had over the past 10-12 years. Some are very random and some are very amazing. I'm definitely doing exactly what I want to be doing now and I'm very happy that my path led me to sports and more importantly the Seattle Mariners. I hope you've enjoyed this :-)


OK, weekend update

Sunday, October 12, 2008

So after many of choices for things to do on Saturday night I decided to go out in Ballard (my cute little neighborhood of Seattle) for some Pub Golf with some co-workers and their friends. I live only a half mile away from the places they were all going to and I really need to explore my neighborhood bars and hang-outs, so it worked out perfect!

Ok, so what is Pub Golf you ask? So, you have a list of bars and each one is a hole. You have only 30 minutes at each bar and you "have" to drink something (for example, a double shot of tequila would be a hole-in-one, a microbrew would be par and if you got a water you would have to add a stroke to par) The goal is to have the lowest score at the end of the evening. It's quite rough.

I decided early in the night that I was going to be the sober one because everyone was getting drunk very fast. It was quite entertaining just to hang out though. We only made it to five bars (which proved to be enough, well actually too many). I got stuck taking care of Dan (D and Rachel's friend) why, I don't know how. We found a hot dog stand on the side of Ballard Ave. and it was a-m-a-z-i-n-g! After wandering down the streets for a while I decided that I was going to take them back to my place because they couldn't drive and lived too far away for a cab. On the way back I drove them (D, Dan, Rach and Dustin) through Taco Bell. After Taco Bell we "Had" to go through Burger King. There was a lady walking through the drive thru and Dan was convinced that she was going to steal his food so he jumped out the car window (well he actually fell out headfirst) haha. We successfully got his food and parked and ate. WELL, someone called the cops on us I guess, because like 5 minutes later cops were surrounding us in the parking lots with their flashing lights... oops. Thank the lord I'm sober! D is in the front seat puking out the side of the car and the cops are talking to me and asking me questions about where I live and want to make sure that I can take care of my friend that is half-dead in the front seat. I talk sports with another cop (he noticed my OSU stickers on my car and we talk about the game earlier in the day) Phew! After a few minutes they let us go, phew, again! Cops are scary, but I did good :-)

We finally get home (as it is like .5 miles away) Everyone is crashed out in my room (all five of us) I have like no space on my bed and I'm smashed up against my wall (three people don't fit well in a full bed) D and Rach are on the floor... My roommate wasn't too happy I brought people home. Oops, I was trying to do the right thing and keep them safe :-( Sorry.

So it was an interesting night...

Week Update

Friday, October 10, 2008

Okay... Not posting as often as I would like, but here is my re-cap of a great week!

Monday: Shit, can't remember that far back. Nothing too exciting must have happened this day...

Tuesday: Got in some last minute batting practice at the Mariners batting cages during the lunch break. Our Video Coordinator, Carl, taped our swings and then replayed it in slow motion and went over areas we could improve and areas where we kicked ass. We then took that info and went back for a second round. Quite fun! Practiced again after work with some of my teammates. Oh, did I mention I worked this day too, yeah.

Wednesday: Fall Classic Baby! Our team (Pink Elephants) lost in the First Round but we had an awesome time. Watched the rest of our co-workers games and hung on the field with some other co-workers. Quite an entertaining day! Ventured over to Showbox SODO with the majority of the front office from the Fall Classic and had lots of beer with a great group (like how many 50-100 co-workers) Again, quite entertaining.

Thursday: Who wanted to be at work today? Yeah, didn't think so. We were all sore from a fun day of softball. Made it through the day and then went out to dinner in Ballard with a friend from Portland.

Friday: Jeans day! Had a meeting with a prospective client and they gave us ice cream. The rotunda was pretty excited when I walked around giving it all away too :-) Had a Yunker and was ready for Happy Hour. Ohh, I had a lovely lunch with Katie, my favorite graphic designer at the Mariners. Happy Hour = fun, text message I sent after = probably a bad idea, thanks.

Saturday: Pub Golf. Oktoberfest is a no-go.

Oh lovely off-season

Friday, October 3, 2008

The rotunda is nearly empty today. I think that there is like a total of 10 people on the sixth floor too. I wrote a few letters, updated our re-caps with attendance info, got new pictures for our upcoming proposals, helped Carissa clear out the old media guides in the broadcast booths and recorded a voicemail for our Kids Club Hotline. All-in-all a very productive one for a day in the off-season. My boss sent me lots of pix from a contest last year that helped to pass the time today... It was a contest where people dressed up their animals in Mariners gear.
Oh the things we do to entertain ourselves...

Who are the crazies that dress up their pets like this?! That poor dog is wearing baby socks dammit!