My Holiday Wishlist (part two)

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Because one list just wasn't enough... I'm back for round two!! :)
Here was part one, in case you missed it!

1. Flip Cam. I know, I can shoot pretty good video on my camera, but I just love the idea of a pocket-sized video device!
2. Voluspa candle in Goji Berry. This candle reminds me of an Anthropologie that Luke & I visited in Boulder, CO. The entire stored smelled like this candle - it reminds both of us of one amazing trip that we took together. It would be nice to have some of these candles in our new house now :)
3. Waffle Maker. Can you believe that we don't own one of these already!? Seeing as Luke & I are huge breakfast fans, we need to add this to our life soon.
4. Wine Tower. Being the wine lover that I am, it's safe to say that this will get some good use in our house!
5. Curtains, hanging ceiling lamps & paint. We need to spruce up our dining room & I think this will do the trick!
6. A Norfolk Terrier. This is the dog that we've both been wanting! We're hoping for a Christmas Puppy :)

The Christmas Trees are up!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

It's the day after (well, the next day after) Thanksgiving & the Christmas trees are up! 

Our cute lil fake tree, complete with fake snow.
Our real (Oregon Douglas Fir) Christmas tree. 

Right now were lacking ornaments. 
It's our first tree together, so we don't have any yet.
It's okay though, we're pretty happy with it :)

It's also Luke's second real tree (I think...)
I've had a real tree every single year of my life - 
It's just not Christmas without the real thing!

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving 
& if you don't have your Christmas tree up, you better do it soon! :)

A lot to be thankful for...

Sunday, November 20, 2011

As Thanksgiving approaches I've been thinking of all the little things in my life that I'm especially thankful for. It's been one amazing year so far; so much has happened & I can't help but to take a step back & be thankful for everything in my life.
-- A new (to us) house that we're absolutely in love with.

-- The fact that Luke has a good job.
(& when the future of mine is in question, I am very thankful that Luke is here to help out)

-- Living in a city that I love so much.

-- Parents that are loving & supportive of everything I do.

-- A sister that is my best friend. Its been hard living 3 hours away from her - so I'm very thankful for phone conversations & text messages that only we can understand :)

-- Friends to laugh with over a few beers.

-- Iced coffees. Mmm mmm mmm.

-- A sunny day that snuck in over the weekend - hence the above photo in our backyard :)

-- A short week at work this week!

My Holiday Wishlist (part one)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I know it's not even Thanksgiving, but I don't care! I love the holidays, Christmas especially. I love that the holidays are full of love & happiness & family time. Speaking of happiness, I compiled a list of items that would make me really happy. Okay, this is mostly for fun. I just thought it would be fun to share some things with you that are on my wishlist this holiday season.

Okay, this is only part one. I have a part two coming soon... :)
1. Zoya's "Feel" Collection. Zoya's newest collection is my favorite so far. A collection of wintery creams for a soft romantic look this holiday season. My favorites are Kendal, Megan & Avery. 
2. J. Crew Stackable Bracelets. I think these mix & match bracelets would be perfect to pair with any outfit this winter. 
3. 35mm Lens. I already want a new camera lens. I might need to do some more research, but I'm really liking this one so far!
4. Kate Spade City Lights cosmetic bag. This little pouch is so cute, I love the fun, bright bokeh lights of the city. 
5. Fujiflim Instax Mini. I've been wanting to add this to my camera collection for a while. I love the instant mini prints!
6. Kate Spade Silver Ring Cocktail Gloves. These gloves are just too cute for words!
7. Hunter Wellies. Who doesn't want a pair of these?! I live in Portland, so I'm surprised that I don't already own a pair...

Mellow Mushroom

Monday, November 14, 2011

Luke & I tried a new restaurant last week that is right up the street form my office in the Pearl. Mellow Mushroom opened less than a month ago & ever since we saw them getting the place ready, we've been wanting to go check it out! Once inside the restaurant the decor gives a feeling of the 70's but in a more modern way with contemporary psychedelic artwork. It's kind of funky to explain, but it looks really cool. And then there's the food... We had garlic bread & dipping sauce to start (mmm) & also had some lunch sized sammichs // everything was super delicious! We'll definitely be coming back here soon; as they also have an extensive beer list! :)

Fall at my house

Saturday, November 12, 2011

The trees around my house are absolutely gorgeous! The past few days the colors have gotten so bright & rich that I couldn't help but run outside to snap a few pictures to share! These are all in my front & back yard // I didn't have to take any more than a few steps to capture all these images. I did however have to be quick because just a few seconds later we got a massive downpour of rain. Such is life in Portland :)


looking for something new...

Thursday, November 10, 2011

I've debated several times whether or not to even write about this, but after realizing the importance of connections and networking, I felt it was in my best interest to do so. I've been connecting with some great Portland bloggers lately, so I thought it wouldn't hurt to get the word out there. Plus, this blog is my personal space. It's where I can share what I'm going through & how I hope to get thought it all.

The company that I work for is going through the process of being bought out by another company. After the deal goes through, there will be another company that will take control over the future of my job. Every day it's sounding more & more like I need to better align myself with a different company that can provide me with more job security. Because the future is extremely uncertain here - I need to take the necessary steps to protect my future.

I just moved to Portland from Seattle & started working here only 5 short months ago. Before that I had a very stable job (albeit in Seattle & not where I wanted to stay living...) Moving down to Portland & accepting my current job seemed like a really good next step in my career at the time. As things start to change moving forward, it's becoming clear that I too, need to make a change. If I don't do it soon, someone else could change that from right underneath me.

I'm trying to stay as positive as possible & can only hope that there are better opportunities out there for me. I'm actually holding up better than most people, I think. I have a little bit of time to look around, but from job searching in the Portland area in the past, it's not exactly easy.

Wish me luck, all! :)

Holiday Goals

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I've noticed with the new house, a full-time job & trying to keep active in my social life... There is little room to accomplish much of anything else (Boo!) & with the holidays right around the corner, life is bound to get much busier, too. I have tons of goals that I would like to accomplish soon (I'm always jotting down little lists of things to do...) so I made myself a little "holiday goals" list to try & keep up with everything. It's basically a list of everything that I would like to get done before the holidays end. Most things on here need to & WILL get done! :)
Paint at least one spare bedroom.
(gotta get rid of that awful orange/red room!)

Paint the kitchen & dining room.
(the canary yellow is too bright on the eyes!)

Make pillows for my grandma's bench that is now in my living room.
(must find a sewing machine!)

Donate toys to a toy drive.

Take our holiday photos.

Design & mail out Holiday cards to all of our friends & family.

Make Christmas presents for all of our friends & family.

Get a puppy (crossing my fingers... :)

Somehow start building up that savings account!

moving in...

Sunday, November 6, 2011

I realized that I hadn't shared the first pics of our new house -- oops! While we're still unpacking, organizing & decorating, I don't have current pics of what it looks like right now - I do however have some pics of us getting our keys & sharing a bottle of champagne with our sweet realtor, Tamara! Cheesy I know, but these pics make me really happy - they're going to be photographic memories of the start of a really exciting journey into my future with Luke.

Friday's Fancies (featuring Lilly Pulitzer)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

It's been way toooo long since I've linked up with {av} for her Friday's Fancies series. 
Today is an extra special day for her series because someone has the chance 
to win some Lilly Pulitzer items (eeeek!!).

I've put together an outfit with a few pieces from Lilly Pulitzers newest collection
that I would absolutely love to own :)

Scarf Swap :: Link Up

Today I am linking up with Krysten from Why Girls Are Weird. She hosted a scarf swap a little while back & I'm sharing what I sent to my swap partner & what she sent me in return. The rules were to buy your partner a scarf &other goodies if you wanted to, but to try & spend between $25-$30. Here's how our swap went...
I bought Missy a houndstooth scarf, my favorite bottle of nail polish 
& a sparkly black necklace!
Missy outdid herself & bought me so many great items, I was in shock when I opened the package! I received a green knit scarf, a headband & earrings, a yummy scented candle, a few notepads, coffee artwork, a bottle of nail polish and a few thoughtful mixed cd's! Missy was so sweet to put so much thought & effort into her package - it totally put mine to shame. Missy is definitely making her way to the top of my Christmas list, so she can expect a few more things coming her way in the next month! Check your mailbox, Missy! :)

Happy (late) Halloween

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I realize that it's a day late, but here it is anyways!
On Saturday Luke's aunt & uncle had a Halloween party.
It's their annual party & every year they have LOTS of food & LOTS of beer.
This was actually my first year participating & it was so much fun!
A lot of our friends came in super creative costumes & we partied into the night!
Check everyone out below!


Hope you all had a fun Halloween, too! :)