Another dose of Christmas Cheer!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ok, in my excitement about Christmas, I skipped right over blogging about Thanksgiving! Oops! In my defense, I got sick and wasn't able to enjoy Thanksgiving in the way that I usually do [which means, no pigging out on food... I stayed on the couch most of the time]. I was surrounded by  family, got a nice break from work, all of which I am grateful for! :) Now, without further delay... here is more Christmas excitement!

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Monday, November 22, 2010

It snowed in Seattle today. So you know what that means... Everyone freaked out and started complaining! Yeah, I'm sick of those idiots, too! I woke up early and took the bus to work to avoid the awful drivers and ended up beating everyone to work by about 45 minutes. We all got an early dismissal because it never stopped snowing and our bosses wanted to make sure that we all had plenty of time to make it home before the weather got worse. It took Heather and I over two hours from downtown to make it home to Queen Anne [this also included getting kicked off one bus because it wasn't making any more stops... walking down the icy sidewalk to try and find a new bus/cab/anything... to finally getting a bus a half hour later and walking up steep snowy/icy hills to make it home! Whew!

Here are a few pix from the snow day that Seattle had today. Minus the bus fiasco at the end of the evening, we had fun running around in the snow downtown, it was a beautiful winter wonderland day!

Fall AND Winter

A VERY crowded bus...

Walking up the steep snowy steps to reach our final destination, our house!

Cute boots in the snow!

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Newest Obsession #1

Sunday, November 21, 2010

On Saturday I got a mani/pedi in Belltown [Thanks, Mady, for the gift certificate!] where I stumbled across my newest obsession. There were about 100+ nail polish colors to choose from at the salon and after successfully looking through 98% of them, I settled on a reddish/orangish/pinkish shimmery shade. I thought it was a suitable holiday color and a color that I wouldn't usually pick out for myself; so in my effort of trying new/different things, I went with it & I loved the results!

When I got home I showed Heather [the sister] and she's like, ohhh that's part of the new "Burlesque Holiday Collection". Me, not knowing much about fashion/beauty trends, had no idea. We went down to Cosmo Prof and checked out the other colors in the collection and instantly fell in love. New obsession!

My favorites of the new holiday collection.

How lovely are these holiday shades?!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

I can't help but be excited for Christmas! I know it's not even Thanksgiving yet... But Christmas has always been my favorite! I've been trying to hold back in expressing my excitement (or as Luke says, obsession) but can't anymore! So here it is... Christmas pictures to get you excited for this wonderful holiday too!

Merry (early) Christmas! XOXO

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Friday, November 19, 2010

"To dream of the person you would like to be is to waste the person you are."

I have been all about the quotes lately. I have come across a few that I can really relate to. The most recent one [above] seems to sum up some of the struggles that I have been dealing with in recent times... Now when I say struggle, that doesn't mean that I've hit a rough patch or that I am having a hard time, it's just that as human beings it's natural to challenge ourselves, or re-invent ourselves when we tire of doing the same routine.

I want to challenge, re-invent, evolve... I have all these hopes and dreams for things that I want to do, or things that I see myself doing in the future. These are all things that I could be doing now. These are all things that I want to be doing now.

Here are some examples...
  • Contribute to the well-being of my community
  • Be a voice of my community
  • Get to know my neighbors
  • Advance my career
  • Buy a house & make it a home
  • Construct my own darkroom and develop my own prints
As much as I have tried in Seattle, I just don't feel a connection with this city. I've lived here for over 2 1/2 years but it doesn't feel like home, I don't feel like a part of the community here. Don't get me wrong, Seattle is a great city & it has provided me with some great opportunities - it just isn't my home - that's all. This is a huge part of why I haven't done any of the bullet listed points above... It's been a huge personal struggle for me. These are all things that are really important to me, but I just keep telling myself I'll get to them one day, when I am in my ideal situation. This is where the quote comes in now...

"To dream of the person you would like to be is to waste the person you are."

This sums up my situation. This sums up my struggle with moving ahead in this city. I know that I have a lot to offer & I know that I could be doing more. I don't want to sit back and waste away my potential, essentially that is what I am doing, unfortunately, and that makes me feel like I am a bump on a log here.

When do we know where our correct place is in this world, or when do we know we're doing what we're supposed to be doing? I'm still thinking/exploring/contemplating in hopes that I can make the right decision for myself someday [soon]... I'll keep you updated! ;)

Friday Flashback!

Holy long time ago! [well long time ago for the life of a 20-something...] I found a very old online photo album of pictures nearing the end of my college years. I actually haven't seen these pictures for a few years, so it was a nice stroll down memory lane when I came across them!

Here are a few photos of what my life was like almost 7 years ago, circa 2004. [P.S. - Please excuse the randomness...]

New York City - Christmas/New Years - 2004/2005

Visiting my cousin, Gretchen, in Salt Lake City, UT - 2004

Old college friends - Unfortunately we don't speak anymore. People change & people drift apart. I have nothing but great memories though!

Me in Philadelphia, PA - 2004

How Funny! One of my old college apartments in Corvallis - 2004

30 Before 30: Making Progress! #29

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It's about time for a 30before30 progress report! I recently completed #29 on my list [Get an iPhone or a Droid [or other comparable awesome phone]. I have been wanting an iPhone for a VERRRRRRRY long time & I just finally decided to take the plunge and just get it already! The family and I went down to the AT&T store, moved some phone lines around, transferred accounts, found out that dad gets a gov. discount... so we switched all lines to one account and we all end up paying less money in the long run!

I've had my iPhone4 since Sunday and I am already in love with it :) It's a much smarter phone than I ever thought possible, I just gotta get used to the touch screen numbers because I called a few people on accident... but other than that - this phone makes me happy! :)

Now I know placing this item on my 30before30 list wasn't really a "goal" I had for myself... but rather something nice I wanted to do for myself. It's something that will move me into the new age of social media; something that people my age are really diving into and I felt like I was really missing out on with the old phone [that had no internet, only granting me with the ability to place calls and send text messages]. Plus, the apps I can place on this phone are amazing; photography, games, social applications, news, maps, ffb scores, price scanners, sleep sounds, personal & work email accounts, restaurant guides... The list can go on forever...

Here it is... a screen shot of my new iPhone4!

My new, beautiful & very organized home screen

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

One of my co-workers posted the following quote on Twitter a little while ago & saw it again on Twitter today...

"Sometimes we expect more from others because we’d be willing to do that much for them."

Has anyone else ever felt like this... ?

30 Before 30: #6 Beaver Tailgating!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Well, I'm knocking off one more item on my 30 before 30 list! This past weekend I went down to Corvallis for the OSU vs Cal game & some tailgating! Number 6 on my list just so happens to be "Tailgate at a Beaver Football Game".

As you all know, I graduated from OSU, but... I've never tailgated! When I tell people this, they act shocked. During my time at OSU, I went to every Beaver football game but always BBQ'd & drank with friends at someone's house or apartment. I actually didn't know anyone that tailgated. So, it's not that shocking now, is it?!

Here are a few pictures from our Beaver tailgating adventures:

Branding your online presence

I've been trying to decide what to blog about lately... I have thoughts run through my mind everyday about possible topics to share with my readers.

[ranting about the weather, the bad Seattle drivers, my lack of advancement in the professional world, how gross it is that Kim Kardashian is now going to become a singer??...]

don't want my blog to contain a random jumble of nonsense & negativity; I want my blog to show my readers what's going on in my life [my interests, positive thoughts, insights, etc...]. In my quest to determine what direction I want my blog to take - I realize it is just a personal blog, people! I don't need a clear and straight direction; it's just me. Right?

Well, I came across this blog post by Amy Martin [a past co-worker at the Phoenix Suns that has started her own company, Digital Royalty] right around the time I was brainstorming a direction for my blog... This post really made me think about what I'm putting out there for everyone to see. Not only my blog, but my Facebook & Twitter presence as well. I see a large number of individuals posting inappropriate content, a million quizzes, among a lot of other topics that I'm sure their friends/followers have no interest in. This post really made me evaluate my personal brand & made me want to be conscious about what I'm putting out there, because it represents ME.

Being a working professional in my late-twenties, I have a variety of co-workers, clients, friends & family members that have exposure to my presence online [facebook, twitter, blog]. I feel that it is important to control how I am seen by these groups; because I always want to come across as a young professional. I don't want to come across as someone that uses profanity in their facebook statuses, posts drunk pictures every weekend, or even posting my every move &/or thought of the day. At the end of the day I just want to protect my personal brand.

In a world where so much of our lives can be placed online for everyone to see, I feel it's important to control the content. I understand that I'm just a lil ole person & not a company, but
it’s my reputation here!

What have you done to manage your personal brand?

"Be a Professional: This is both the simplest bit of advice and perhaps the most critical. Sure, it’s the web and it’s fun, but if you are using it toward professional ends, be mindful of what you say and who you associate with."

In the end I'm going to continue with my blog the way it's been. I like having a space to post my ideas/thoughts/adventures - I'm just going to be mindful of the content moving forward - because it represents who I am.