Fill in the Blank Friday!

Friday, July 29, 2011

It's been a while since I've played along with Lauren's blanks. But here it is! Play along with her, too, & link up right here!

My favorite color is turquoise, magenta, mustard, peach, coral, all shades or pink. Is that too many? :) I tend to change colors with the seasons... So right now I'm loving everything bright & summery!

My travel destination of choice is anywhere! Luke & I counted all the trips we've done over the past 2 years & we've been to 10 different places - so it's safe to say that our travel destination of choice is somewhere NEW!

My favorite food is hmmm, this is a hard one! I have SO MANY favorite foods! Let's go with fresh seafood (lobster, crabs, shrimp, salmon, mussels). I could eat fresh seafood every day of my entire life!

My happy place is in the kitchen! I LOVE cooking & couldn't imagine going through life not knowing how to cook! I love making old (& new) favorites & I especially love cooking dinner with Luke because we are always trying new things!

My favorite saying is "Live in the moment and make it so beautiful that it will be worth remembering". I try to live my life by this quote, it's a daily reminder that every day has the potential to be amazing & we have the power to make our lives beautiful.

My dirty little secret is that I love the Real Housewives shows! eeek, I know! I love all of them & I can't stop watching them. It's bad...

Something friends might say about me is that I am super silly. It's true, sometimes I don't mean to be, but 99% of the time I am. Even when I try to be serious, it just doesn't work for me, the silly just always comes out.
Happy Friday
Have a GREAT weekend!

miami snapshots {the coolest hotel I've ever stayed at}

Thursday, July 28, 2011

On the last two days of our vacation in Florida, we stayed at the Clevelander Hotel on South Beach. Luke & I fell in love with this place (mainly the bar & the pina coladas) the last time that we were in Miami, so on this trip we HAD to stay here & we're sure glad we did :) From the moment that you walk into the sleek lobby, you know you've picked a good hotel! Just look at it!

^^ I love all-white bedding. It just looks so fresh and clean Very comfortable, I might add.. ^^
^^ Only in Miami is your room card this risque. ^^
^^ I love how the bathroom and shower are separated with colored glass sliding doors. ^^
^^ Just a mere minutes from our room you can take an elevator up to the rooftop of the hotel and relax in the sun. ^^
^^ Multiple levels of rooftop relaxation ^^
^^ Best Pina Coladas & Miami Vice's ever. We *might* have collected lots of these cups... ^^

What do you think?

We had never stayed at a hotel that had 2 rooftop sundecks, 4 bars, multiple pools, an indoor and outdoor club, a music lounge, etc... But I'm sure we'd like to again! I can't recommend this place enough, if you're looking to have a fun time and be around all the action on South Beach. Even with all the bars, nightclubs, loud music and drinks we were still able to get a quiet and good nights sleep. We'll definitely be staying here the next time we find ourselves in Miami.

Sneak peek at my new bedroom...

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Okay, I realize I should've posted this when I moved in & got settled into my new place... Whoops! How quickly the time slips away :-/ - Better lat than never, here is a sneak peak at my new, cozy & relaxing bedroom!
-----  -----  -----

Although I hate moving, I do love getting to re-do my bedroom all over again :) My new room (in a really nice townhouse, with a really nice old co-worker) is on the bottom floor, it's pretty spacious & I have my own bathroom. My new space is about the size of my old bathroom, living room & bathroom all combined, so I have a lot of free space to work with. It will make for a great temporary space until Luke & I are able to buy our first house together! :)

I got my bed frame at IKEA a few years back, it was on sale for under $100. I can't even tell you how many moves it's been through & how many times I've had to take it apart & put it back together!
It's been a few years since I've had a new duvet cover, so I bought myself some "congrats-on-your-new-job-bedding" from West Elm. I love it!
 One of my favorites... a large Eiffel Tower canvas, picked up from Urban Outfitters many years ago, majorly discounted, too!
Some beautiful painted canvases from Lindsay @ Paint me a Picture & Lindsay @ Aisle to Aloha.  
One of my favorite sayings from one of my favorite shops...
More of my beautiful new bedding from West Elm.

Hope you enjoyed my little room tour. I know it's not much, but is sure nice to come home at relax in after a long day at work!

A great way to relax outdoors

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

We took a quick trip up to the Japanese Gardens earlier this week with one of my new co-workers, Amy. Amy & her boyfriend both have memberships there - so she took Luke & I as her guests. This was my first visit to the gardens (and it most definitely wont be my last). We got extremely lucky & had the place mostly to ourselves, because we went during extended hours on a Friday evening.

The Japanese Gardens are just above downtown, so they're quick & easy to get to. It was a nice & peaceful escape from the hustle & bustle of the city & a long week at work. I am now left to wonder why I don't escape more often from my busy life. There is nothing better than taking some time out to relax in such a beautiful environment. Living in the NW, I have no excuse not to do this more often :)

{This last pictures is my favorite. It always amazes me how colors just naturally work so well together in nature. Especially flowers. In nature, colors always compliment each other flawlessly.}

Final pix of San Diego ... :(

Monday, July 18, 2011

Okay, stick with me on this last San Diego post... I pretty much threw the rest of the photos that I wanted to share into this one post. While the pictures are gorgeous (well I think they are, ok!) they're all over the place :) I hope you've enjoyed all these as much as I enjoyed taking them!

{Kicking myself in the boot for not renting a cruiser bike & biking along the beach... These bikes were everywhere!!}

{These three pictures above were taken in La Jolla, which was easily my favorite spot on the trip. La Jolla was much cleaner than the city, the houses were more beautiful (& expensive) & it was just an overall cute place to hang out}

{Scenes from three different beaches...}

{Mission Beach & reliving our childhood on the old wooden roller coaster}

And that is the end of our (quick) San Diego vacation. Can you believe that with all the pictures I took, we were only there for 2.5 days?! (I *might* be obsessed with my camera...) 

Next Up? Miami!
In only a few days!!

I'm in love with...

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Yesterday I bought a new bike!!!
& I've been wanting this exact bike for a VERY LONG time :)
BUT, because I live in the NW & the weather is so unpredictable - it's pouring outside & I can't go riding! Boo to crazy summer days here!

Until I can take out my new bike, I've been trying to come up with a name for it!
Have any ideas? What the heck do you name a bike?
:) :) :)

Jordan & Brenna's Wedding

Friday, July 15, 2011

Thank goodness it's FRIDAY!! Even though it was a short week for me - it was a long one! I'm super excited for the weekend (Yipppeeee) because I have no plans, I can just r-e-l-a-x!

Here are some more San Diego pictures... Just one more recap post after this one & still sad the trip is over :(

-----   -----  ----- 

Our trip to San Diego started out with an invitation to Jordan & Brenna's wedding. Jordan is my good friend from Phoenix (we met during our days working for the Phoenix Suns) & we've stayed in touch over the past 4-5 years & maintained a good friendship. Him & Brenna still live in Phoenix... can you imagine having an outdoor wedding in the middle of the summer there? No thanks! We're so happy they picked San Diego & invited us to celebrate their special day with them! :)

{The Prado @ Balboa Park was the scene of the ceremony, cocktail hour & reception}

{Everyone's place cards where snippets of Journey's "Don't Stop Beveling" lyrics, too cute!}

{During the cocktail hour we sipped drinks by the fountain & snacked on the most delicious appetizers}

{Brenna was gorgeous walking down the aisle with her dad - 
& then walking away with Jordan }

{The reception in the Grand Ballroom was fancy, fancy}

Jordan & Brenna's wedding was SO MUCH fun. The location was breathtakingly beautiful, the food was delicious, the music was awesome & the dancing went on for hours. This is how a wedding should be! :)

Gaslamp Quarter (& one amazing rooftop bar!)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Our hotel in San Diego was located in the historic Gaslamp Quarter. Being newbies to San Diego, we didn't know the best place, or best part of town to say in, so THANKS to Jordan & Brenna for recommending this hotel & allowing us to stay here with the wedding group rate! :) This hotel was amazing, with the rooftop bar being the absolute best part!

{The entrances to both the hotel & the rooftop bar}

{Can you believe this view???!}

{Such a fun place to hang out & have a drink}

We went up here several times to hang out & we thought it was the coolest thing, ever! There was a happy hour all day on Sunday that we most definitely took advantage of :) The only bummer is that the Padres were out of town, it would've been awesome to watch a game from the rooftop bar!!

Coronado Island

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Our first stop in San Diego was Coronado Island. Okay, it's not really an island, but rather a peninsula. But, absolutely gorgeous nonetheless! My aunt actually got married here back in the mid-80's - & I can see why! :)

{could this place be any more gorgeous??} 

{FACT: My hair gets even more red at the beach...}

{No, I am not pissed off in the next picture...}

{The beach was filled with colorful umbrellas :) }

We could've spent some serious time out here! But we couldn't because we had to go check into our hotel & then get ready for Jordan & Brenna's wedding! Those pics will be coming up in the next few days - so stay tuned!!!