Wedding Wednesday: Counting down to the BIG DAY!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I can't believe how quickly our wedding is approaching! A little under 3 months. I mean really, it doesn't even seem real how close it is. I have this thing that I do, when I have a big event approaching (usually a trip somewhere) I'll try to envision how I'll feel the day before, or how I'll feel on that day. But it always seems so far away that I can't even properly imagine - and then before I know it, BAM that day is here. I'm going to feel like it "snuck up on me" even though I knew it was coming. I just know that's how it's going to be.

I'm so thankful that there isn't really a lot of planning that I have left to do - just some little details here & there... mostly making decisions on what I want to have the resort set up. Having a destination wedding at a Mexican resort was so appealing to me because they do all the work for you - you pretty much just get to show up & enjoy (minus a few details, of course)! It's definitely my kind of style.

I just have to say... I have to put it out there... We have such a great group of people that are taking time off work & spending their hard earned money to make the trip down to Mexico to help us celebrate. I'm absolutely blown away at the response we're getting from our guests. I'm probably going to cry a lot of happy tears when I see everyone down there. It really truly means so much that everyone is making our big day a priority. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have such amazing people in my life. Truly the best family & lifelong friends that I could have ever imagined.

Let the countdown begin!!!

Wedding Countdown Ticker

^^ Like my cheesy countdown?? :)

Chez Machin Crêperie & Bistro

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A little while back Luke & I went to Chez Machin Crêperie & Bistro for brunch. We got a table by the window & the sun was brightly beaming in on us. Such a treat for Portland this time of year! Chez Machin has been on my list of places to try for a long time - so I'm glad that we finally made it here. The place is tiny - there are only a few tables. Everything smells delicious (& everything tastes even better!).

Minestrone Soup, mmm
L'Alpaniste: Potatoes au gratin, two pieces of bacon & two soft fried eggs (Luke loved it!)
La Pommeraie: Chèvre, basil, apples, roasted garlic & local berry compote (I loved it!)

- Photos © Holly Carman -

Happy Monday!

Monday, March 18, 2013

This past weekend was Luke's birthday weekend. His birthday was on Sunday (St. Patrick's Day - the perfect birthday for Luke), so naturally we spent the whole weekend celebrating all around town!

Throughout the weekend we went out to dinner at Bamboo Sushi & had some of the best sushi I've ever consumed with a pair of good friends. We met up with Luke's IU group to watch the Indiana/Wisconsin game, went to the Saturday night Blazer game with even more good friends. The next morning we ventured over to Portland Flea, took Gracie for a walk in Laurelhurst Park & decided that our summer goal is to visit as many Portland parks as we possibly can! I took Luke out to dinner at Pambiche, a restaurant that has been on our "Portland List" for quite some time now & then proceed to take a nap because the weekend wore me out!

It was a rather simple weekend, but a weekend that reminded me so much of why I decided to move back to Portland. Even though the weather wasn't the best, it doesn't matter when you're in a city that you love; spending time with the people you love!

And a Gracie picture from the weekend because she doesn't make nearly enough appearances on the blog!

Hope you all had a great weekend, too!

How do people find your blog?

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Have you ever gone into your statistics & viewed how people find your blog based on what keywords they've entered in google search? If you haven't, you should probably do yourself a favor and go check it out! You might be surprised on what leads people to your little corner of the Internet.

Stats >> Traffic Sources >> Search Keywords
From here you can filter by Now/Day/Week/Month or All Time
(this is, of course, if you use Blogger)

buffy the vampire wisteria lane - Totally drawing a blank here. I've never even seen that show, let alone mention it on my blog. Hmm...

little miss typewriting - Awwwe that's cute.

bike is my life - I totally understand.

icanhascheezburger - I know what this is - just have no idea how that led anyone here...

littlemissho - Either someone is trying to send me a message - or they were so excited trying to find my blog that they hit enter too soon.

feathered hair wedding dresses - This kind of makes me cringe.

turning a bedroom into a closet - Oh how I wish I could do this, too!

diy gracie stand - hmm, not sure on this one - gracie is my dog and a "gracie stand"?? hmm

dive bar wedding & dive bar wedding reception - Luke's cousin's wedding reception was in a dive bar & we decorated the crap out of that place to make it look semi-decent... I shared pictures a long time ago - but I find it hilarious that people are wanting to do the same. I sure hope they're just searching for it for a good laugh & aren't serious...

facke pictuers of boobs 2013 nola - haha in my last New Orleans recap I posted a photo of all us girls in a souvenir shop holding up t-shirts with boobs & beads on it. Apparently that is a popular search phrase because it lead more than a couple people to my blog, oops!

Seriously, friends! Take a moment to check out how people find your blog. You could get all strategic & use words that people are likely to search for... or you could be like me & just use it for a good laugh every now & then :)

Happy Monday

Monday, March 11, 2013

It was especially hard for me to get up & go to work this morning. I'm not usually one to let the time change affect me... but when I had already been at work for 2 hours & it was still dark outside - that my friends, is a little rough. Especially when you had such a fantastic weekend. One of my best friends (& bridesmaid!) tured 30 on Saturday - so we hit the streets of the Pearl Distrit for a good old fashioned bar crawl :) Hope you all had a great weekend as well!

I have a newly re-kindled love for the brown bag beers at Brix Tavern. You pay $3, you get a brown bag with a surprise beer! I got a PBR & Natural Ice. Everyone at our table got something different over the course of a few hours... Rolling Rock, Olympia, Hamm's, Busch, Miller High Life. It's a good thing I don't mind shitty beer!
We had Happy Hour at Fratelli & tried out some $6 delicious pizza & their famous lemon drops. All amazed.
We ended the night at Life of Riley playing shuffleboard in the basement!
Well, we actually ended the night at Tiger Bar. We went for the 80's band but they never came on... A complete stranger did cover every one's tab at the bar though - so we got that going for us!

5 Things About Me

Thursday, March 7, 2013

I've been seeing quite a few people share 5 things about themselves, I wanted to do the same. Here it goes!

1. I really don't share a lot of information about myself. I usually stay pretty surface level with the amount of personal information that I put out there. I'm afraid that people might think I'm weird or something :). But, I thought this "5 things about me" exercise would be good to help me step out of my comfort zone a little bit.

2. I love photography like nothing else. It's one of my greatest passions. My friends tell me all the time that my photos are amazing & I should go professional. While their compliments are very sweet & really do mean a lot to me... I think the exact opposite most of the time. I am overly critical of myself & I think that I need so much improving & need so much more practice before I could ever consider that. It definitely doesn't stop me from snapping away at everything in front of me though :)

3. I don't know if I want kids in the future. I'm not saying that it's definitely not going to happen, but the thought of having kids right now absolutely scares me to death. We most definitely don't have baby fever - we have the opposite. Luke & I are very happy with our lives right now & we're too selfish to give that up. Sometimes I wonder if that feeling will ever go away...

4. I want to travel the world & take Luke right along with me! The only foreign counties that I been to are Canada & Mexico though. Luke & I have huge dreams of visiting many places in Europe but it never seems like we can afford it. It won't stop us from saving up & making it over there one day though!

5. I love food & cooking is another one of my passions (right behind photography... maybe that's why I love photographing food so much!). I try to cook dinner for Luke & I almost every day of the week. I'm always trying out new recipes & perfecting old favorites. Cooking is my favorite way to unwind after a long day at the office, or relaxing on the weekends. There is nothing more satisfying than a delicious home-cooked meal.

What are 5 things about YOU? Do share! :)

March Goals

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

These hyacinths started blooming in our whiskey barrels over the weekend :)

A little late, but better late than never... Here are my March Goals.

- Do something nice for Luke's birthday (on St. Patrick's Day)
- Finally attend Portland Flea
- Continue with our health & fitness plan (more on that later...)
- Do sit-ups/lunges/squats at least three nights a week
- Find a florist that doesn't suck in Cabo (this is harder than you think...)
- Finalize some wedding decisions (favors, programs, etc)
- Take my camera out every weekend
- Finish backing up my photos!
- Work on a personal photography project
- Take Gracie on two different hikes (poor puppy needs to get more exercise)

I used to document my goals at the beginning of each season, but I'm going to start documenting them monthly. I like that I have a space to write down my ambitions for the month. Maybe it might even hold me more accountable if I have them published for everyone to see! I hope you don't mind that I share them here :)
What are some of your monthly goals? Please share!

Happy Monday! But I'm still thinking about Sunday...

Monday, March 4, 2013

Happy Monday, friends. Even though it's Monday, I can't get my mind off of Sunday brunch. It's one of my favorite parts of a weekend - and something that Luke & I should really do more of. So, this past weekend we tried out Radio Room with some friends. Usually all the best brunch spots in town have super long waits (some can be up to a few hours wait to get in...). I was surprised that we didn't have a wait here & the food was amazing! Which means we'll probably be back soon :)

The most delicious corn grits
Super delicious blue corn cakes

- Photos © Holly Carman -