What a great weekend

Monday, August 30, 2010

This past weekend was very lovely. My friend [and old Portland roommate] Elyse, got married on Saturday. Her wedding was out in Stevenson, WA in the gorge and the place was absolutely beautiful! In true Matt & Elyse fashion, the wedding was beautiful, very laid back and just tons of fun. Luke had never met Matt or Elyse, and after hearing everyone's stories of them and watching everyone interact with them, I hope he got a good idea about who they are; just good, fun people. I will post pictures soon, but for right now think, two roasted pigs, beer and wine, a large white tent overlooking the beautiful scenery in the gorge, a lot of dancing and an appearance from Bigfoot! :P

On a side note... Luke and I leave for Chicago in 2 days and a handful of hours... :D

But September is right around the corner and after my vacation I wont be making any trips too far away until the season ends [only a month - not too bad]. This month is just too busy for me! The baseball season is winding down and that means tying up all loose ends on our contracts for 2010. When it's over, it's time to relax and it's football season! :)

Happy Anniversary!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

33 years ago two of my favorite people got married... [and thankfully they did - otherwise I wouldn't be here today.]



The Daily Distractions

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sometimes I get so distracted during the day. I can't help it. This morning I got distracted by South Carolina. On facebook a few southern sites I follow are Louisiana Travel and Southern Living [two of my favorite resources for travel ideas, recipes, decorating, etc...] Both are wonderful at providing a broad range of interests all over the south. Today there was a post on the 5 Tasteful U.S. Trips. Of course I am going to click on this... I have upcoming travels and I always hope to stumble across a hidden gem; something off the beaten path. Of course what I found has nothing to do with my upcoming travels, but I perused anyways and I came across - South Carolina's Low Country [a place that is on the top of my U.S. travel list]. I read on to find some great restaurants [think shrimp and grits and low country boils...]. Of course I open up google maps to see where these places are located [out of curiosity] and I see that Charleston, South Carolina has a French Quarter!? What!? How come no one ever told me about this!? [I told you this post was about distractions... it happens so easily] - So now my research has turned from finding a place to eat in Chicago to googling the French Quarter in South Carolina... After this find, SC has been bumped up to the near top of my travel list. Check out just how lovely the French Quarter is below:

Dream House, swoon

Quintessential Southern decor

Ornate detail

Adorable street

How lovely is this place??

From the book to the Big Screen

Thursday, August 19, 2010

I'm a little late on learning this news, but that doesn't make me any less excited for it!

One of my favorite authors [besides Sophie Kinsella] is Emily Giffin. I love her girly books and I love her ability to make you like even the most un-likable characters [Darcy] in her books. Her characters can do some of the dumbest things, but there is something so likable about them that you cant help but to root for them all to succeed, even in the worst situations. AND her writing style is so cute - I just love reading her work!

Well... The news I just found out is that her first book, Something Borrowed, is going to be made into a movie starring Kate Hudson & Ginnifer Goodwin [two of my fav acting ladies]! I've read that they are trying to stay as close to the book as they can, which makes me very happy to hear, because... Did you ever see Confessions of a Shopaholic? Great book = Awful movie! I'm hoping for The Devil Wears Prada - Great Book = Great Movie! We'll see. It comes out next year in 2011 and you can bet I'll be there to see it!

Here are Emily's first three books. Something Blue is a follow-up to Something Borrowed. Love the One You're With has a whole new set of characters - but equally as good as the first two books.

Getting Closer...

13 days until C.H.I.C.A.G.O!

Everyone loves a party

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I love a good theme party! When I was living in Portland my friends would *always* throw theme parties [80's denim party, Whoboliation (dress as your favorite Christmas character), Halloween Parties, Big Lebowski, etc...] Any excuse to dress up and all get together - those were some fun times!

I recently came across this blog about theme parties - I have thoroughly enjoyed perusing this site and making mental notes of all the cute ideas for my future parties! Most of these ideas are far from what my friends and I used to do; it's a more grown-up, sophisticated way of throwing a party. I have to say, it's been a secret dream of mine for a l-o-n-g time to throw cute little theme parties in a super-cute backyard. Someday.

So it's safe to say that you can expect me to be using some of these ideas for when I have my own house! Again, someday.

Anyhoo... Take a look at all of these party ideas - aren't they adorable?!

shabby chic wedding

Mardi Gras themed baby shower... awesome

celebrating summer, of course

DIY treats

summer lemonade party

Wait, What... It's Thursday again already?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

So, a while ago I told myself I was going to do a "Thursday Thirteen" every Thursday to re-cap my week and whatnot [things that have happened, things that are going to happen...] Well, life doesn't always work out as you plan it! I get busy, I get bored, I get tired, I get distracted and I also get lazy [oops]! I do love my blog and I do love sharing everything with you [who are you? who actually reads this? hehe] - so here is a different Thursday edition... Thirteen things currently on my mind. right. now.

1 - Ugh can't believe it's only Thursday - yesterday seemed like Friday, so it makes no sense to me that tomorrow is Friday when Friday felt like yesterday... nevermind...

2 - When I walked into work this morning, the first conversation I heard was people complaining about the weather - this really annoyed me. Not a fan of constant complainers... [wait, am I now complaining, too? oops!]

3 - I plan on running stairs beofre lunch and then I'm going shopping for inner-tubes afterwards [we're floating the river this weekend].

4 - I ate a Blazing Bagel this morning, I am full, I hope that goes away before running stairs before lunch...

5 - I need another haircut. I Love my short hair, it only takes minutes to do [took an hour with the long hair]. BUT I have to get haircuts more often because it grows so fast now - it's a lose-lose situation.

6 - Just realized Jersey Shore is on tonight... YES!

7 - I have two Fantasy Football teams - Hope I do better than last place this year... :)

8 - Heather and I were looking up Fantasy Football team names a few nights ago. Here are my favs:
- Favre Dollar Footlong
- Somewhere over Dwayne Bowe (my personal favorite)
- Snakes on a Reggie Wayne
- Reggie Bush's Bakes Beans
-many others I can't remember at the moment...

9 - It's cold in the office right now... Burrr

10 - Have you voted 25 times a day? Sorry readers, I have not shared this with you yet - Just got this in a front office e-mail...

11 - This day is dragging... That always happens when the team is out of town and it reaches the end of the work week.

12 - I'm going to ZOOOOOOMBA tonight!

13 - Please be Friday, NOW

Re-visiting the Thursday Thirteen

Thursday, August 5, 2010

1 - I got a new pair of running shoes - this is something that makes me super excited! :D

2 - I am STILL really bummed that I left my favorite [and pricey] pair of sunglasses at our hotel in San Francisco :(

3 - 27 days until Chicago dogs!

4 - I found a new music site to help get me through the workday... Grooveshark. Pandora started limiting how many hours you listen to each month and Slacker started playing the same songs over and over. On Grooveshark you can make your own playlists and listen to other listeners' playlists!

5 - Speaking of #4 - Lately I've been listening to A LOT of John Mayer [which makes me long for the East Coast]. Today is Pitbull [which makes me miss Miami]. I relate music to certain events or times in my life - I get really nostalgic when certain songs play.

6 - I'm also addicted to Tazo® Shaken Iced Passion Tea from Starbucks - it's my summery drink!

7 - I am super excited that the Jersey Shore is back for season two! But why is it called "Jersey Shore" when it's in South Beach? I could care less because I love seeing all the places they go in Miami... Hope they make it over to the Clevelaner - our fav. spot on South Beach! The people on the show are RIDIC, it's a huge train-wreck, but I can't stop watching it!

8 - I came across this little place in Mississippi - I would LOVE to visit this someday! (see blog about my Southern obsession...) - Good news is that I've been wanting to plan another New Orleans trip and this place is ONLY 3 hours north!

9 - I really wish that I could be more laid back... I really wish I didn't take so many things so personal... working on that...

10 - I JUST found out that Ivar's is not just a walk-up-and-get-fried-seafood-and-fries kind of place! Our department took our intern out for a farewell lunch here yesterday. It's located at Pier 54 [right on the waterfront] and it's a semi-fancy sit-down restaurant. Our food was far from what you see at their walk-up locations! Fresh coho salmon with yukon gold mashed potatoes and a side of lemon-cucumbers, finished with an apricot-brandy glaze. Delicious! I was scraping every last taste of sauce off my plate!

11 - I can't believe that it is AUGUST already! Summer has flown by and I don't really feel like I've been able to take advantage of nice weather and fun summer activities...

12 - Did I already mention that Chicago is in 27 days...

13 - Today is my Aunt Holly's Birthday! I hope she has a super wonderful day!

Tony & Keshia

Monday, August 2, 2010

This past weekend we helped celebrate Tony & Keshia's engagement with a fun dinner at Joey's on Lake Union and an after-party at the Hawks Nest! This great couple got engaged back in May - and have got to be two of my favorite people in Seattle AND the whole state of Washington!

I met Tony and Keshia working for the Mariners, they are by far my two favorite people that I work with! I always have so much fun with these two, the are genuinely nice people and are absolutely hilarious! I know I'm always going to have a good time when I'm around these two!

Looking so adorable on the dance floor

The four of us!

Their wedding (next August) is going to be SO much fun - Keshia was so sweet to ask me to be one of her bridesmaids too! I'm excited to see how the planning goes - I know it's going to be so much fun and I'm very happy that she thought of me to help her celebrate her and Tony's special day together! ♥