The Happy Carman family

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

So, the family is going to be moving to Tacoma. Wow.

The dad got offered a job as a Fire Marshal in Tacoma, WA (he is currently the Asst. Fire Chief/Fire Marshal back home). This is wonderful news for the parents as they are looking for a change. The dad is looking for new challenges and both the mom and the dad want to be closer to their lovely daughters. So the Carman family will all be up in the Seattle/Tacoma area now. For me this is awesome as I haven't made it back to Madras in over a year and a half now (c'mon it's like 6 hours away and I lead quite the busy life these days).

Both Heather and I are happy to see the parents so happy and excited to make the move up north. Wow what a family full of happiness :-)

And lil Colby is coming back, YAY!

A million things

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I know sometimes it's hard to keep up-to-date and in-touch with all my friends. Since moving to Seattle, even though it's not that far away, I still find it a little difficult. One of the reasons this blog exists is to keep all of my friends updated on my life happenings up here. So I hope that you are all enjoying it! :-)

This was just on my mind today, so I thought I would blog a lil about it... It pops into my head from time to time --> I was down in Portland over Halloween weekend and while it was good to be there, I kinda felt a little out of place. I guess this happens when you move. Trying to find a balance with my old life and my new life isn't working out as I had hoped it would. People move on and make new friends and life changes. I do love living in Seattle. I do miss Portland. Most of all, I miss my favorite girlfriends. A lot. Having good girlfriends is very important in a single girls life. The past few years have been awesome, as I've spent it with my favorite ladies. I've truly been blessed with the most wonderful girls in my life. They've all helped me through some of the worst times I've experienced, just by hanging out with me and sharing everything from manis/pedis to vacations to backyard BBQ's to lazy Sunday afternoons playing basketball trivia on the couch for hours (haha) and anything & everything in between. The group of ladies I have is one-of-a-kind, you wont find girls that awesome anywhere else! I am confident that when I'm older and I look back on my 20's I will say "I definitely had the time of my life..." :-)

Moving on, things are still going well up in the Emerald City. Going to a Jamie Moyer event tonight, some Happy Hour Shenanigans tomorrow with some co-workers and meeting up with some CSers Saturday for some drinky drinks! Work is going well, some new challenges to keep me learnin and growin... overall still very happy here! Got some big news from the parents, which will be mentioned in a "to-be-published" blog, say Monday or Tuesday... Still planning the Europe trip; that seems to take FOREVER because the plan keeps changing! I'm still going, but I just tweak my plans every week and I'm about ready to just throw it all out the window and just wing it. We'll see... My awkward friend is not so awkward anymore, thank goodness. We ate lunch today and everything is just magically going back to normal, which I couldn't be happier about.

Well, that's all for the moment... Loves,Holls

New Videos

Monday, November 10, 2008

Here is a video that makes me smile :-) My dear friend Lauren put together a little bit of our trip to St. Augustine...


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Secret meeting = Awesome! I have decided that I work in heaven!


Election Day!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's that time again... time to vote! I'm sportin my "I Voted" sticker today, just got back from the polls an hour ago and I'm feelin pretty darn happy. This is the third presidential election that I have voted in (I'm old I know...) and this one seems a lot more important than the last two. I know I voted for the right person and am feeling pretty confident that change is coming. On my way into work this morning there were tons of people holding up signs on the pedestrians bridges over HWY 99. Most (like 99%) were happy and laughing people holding Obama signs. There were only two people holding signs for McCain and they looked like they wanted to kill someone. Boo.

I love that there are so many Obama supporters here in the NW :-)