In PDX: Teote

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Luke had sent me a link for Teote a few months back. It looked delicious so we added it to our ever growing list of Portland restaurants we want to try. A few weekends ago, after a long afternoon of house cleaning, we cleaned ourselves up and ventured over to Teote for dinner. Just walking up the street to this place you can't help but get excited at the sight of all the bright blues, yellows and oranges that decorate the outside of the restaurant. We placed our order at the front counter and then made our way upstairs to grab a table, a cute little romantic table tucked away by the upstairs corner window.

Teote features a Latin-American cuisine with an emphasis on healthy and gluten free eating, which is quite refreshing when you eat out a lot like we do! We found the food to be quite unique, fresh and full of flavor.

The arepas (Venezuelan-style corn cakes) and the fried plantains were by far my favorites (looks for them in the photos below).
^^ El Diablo. Carlton Farms pork belly in a red chili maple sauce, topped with pickled onions, verde sauce and queso. ^^
^^ Simp├ítico. Black beans, rice, cabbage salad, salad, fried plantains and queso served with a buttered arepa ^^

Like every other restaurant that I feature here, I am going to go ahead and give this one a big fat... Recommend! When Luke and I go out and try new places, we are hardly ever disappointed. It just really shows that when it comes to food, Portland most certainly does not mess around!

*In PDX is a series where I feature local Portland establishments. If you would like your business to be featured, please contact me here.

Portland Dining Month

Monday, March 10, 2014

March is Portland Dining Month! Over 100 Portland area restaurants participate and offer a special 3-course dinner for only $29/person. It's such a cool concept. Most of the restaurants that participate in Portland Dining Month offer exclusive menu options that you can't find on the regular menu, so it really makes for a special and unique dining experience. Over the weekend we dined at The Country Cat and loved every bite of our meal! We came here for brunch a few months back (and it was delicious) so we were excited to come back and try out their dinner menu. I loved the concept of the 3-course dinner so much that we're going to try another restaurant around town this month. It's Luke's birthday month, so the next place is his choice :)

^^Amazing potato bread^^
^^ The Country Cat's Whole Hog with brined and grilled loin, roasted belly and braised shoulder ^^
(what Luke ordered)

And now for the Portland Dining Month special 3-course dinner...

^^ First course: Black pepper-crusted beef carpaccio 
with truffled leeks, hard-cooked egg and celery leaf salad ^^
^^ Second Course: Cast iron skillet-fried chicken with mashed potatoes and country gravy ^^
^^ Dessert: Mom's carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and candied walnuts ^^

The 3-course dinner was nothing short of amazing! I shared a few bites with Luke because he was drooling just looking at my plates! For $29/person, it really is a good deal. I can't wait to try out another Portland restaurant (just waiting to hear what Luke's next choice is...). I'll make sure to post about our next Portland Dining Month experience again! :)

*A huge thank you to the Portland Bloggers for providing Luke & I with this opportunity.

The end of an era

Thursday, March 6, 2014

This my friends, was my car. Sigh. A few weeks ago we traded her in for a brand spankin' new SUV. I've been wanting an SUV forever and couldn't wait for the day when I could make my dreams of owning one a reality and ditch my little brown car. Well that day came last week and I was surprisingly very sad to say goodbye to my little car. She's been with me for the last 10+ years - we've been through SO MUCH together. I know, I know, it's just a car; but she was mine and I loved her. (side note: why are cars always girls? know what I mean?)

The car was an early college graduation present from my parents, I just had to make the last year of car payments and she was all mine! I paid off the car rather quickly and for the past 10 years have enjoyed zero car payments :) She was super reliable and never broke down; minus a few minor maintenance issues, but what car doesn't have those? We've been through a few accidents together and one mean lady in a parking lot with a very sharp key (sorry car!). But she always kept me safe.

We've been on countless road trips together - down to Arizona and back, down to San Francisco and back a few times, not to mention a bazillion trips between Portland and Seattle during mine and Luke's long distance days. The memories that I have with this car are countless, but she was 12 years old with 177,000 miles, so it was time to move on while I could still salvage some money from the deal.

Little brown car, we had a great run this past 10 years. You'll be missed. Kind of... I'm quickly liking the touch screens, voice command system and double sunroof in the new car :) How crazy is it that in another 10 years those features will all be ancient?! Crazy, I tell ya!