2010: A look back on one AWESOME year!

Friday, December 31, 2010

At the end of January, Luke & I traveled to Miami for a week to visit one of his best friends. We both fell in love with this town. South Beach, fruity [overpriced] drinks, palm trees, Miami Heat games... we can't wait to go back this July!

February was fun. Luke & I went to Lincoln City, OR for love weekend :) We also went curling for the first time, we were inspired by the winter Olympics...

Luke turned 28 in March. Jenni & I successfully threw him a surprise party! I took a half day at work and drove down to Portland for it! 

I turned 28 this month! The baseball season started in April, so I spent most of my time at work/games. I had a "Suite Night" on my birthday weekend & invited my family/good friends to join!

May was fun! Luke's parents came to visit at the end of the month [it was great to finally meet them!] We also made a trip to the Rose Gardens and the Oregon Zoo. [plus probably more baseball games...]

June = Summer! We went paddleboating on Green Lake for the first time & took in A LOT of baseball games. The Chicago Cubs were in town so Luke stayed with me for a week and we went to every game. I even managed to take him down to the field to watch BP!

The highlight of July was our long weekend vacation down to San Francisco. We ventured down here for July 4th & had an amazing time! Luke had never been here before, so I was excited to show him one of my most favorite cities!

August wasn't too memorable... I'm sure that all I did was work/games. Still fun though :)

September was awesome! Luke & I traveled to Chicago over Labor Day weekend. He is from NW Indiana [45 mins outside Chicago]. I had so much fun seeing where Luke grew up and spending time in his favorite city. We took in a Cubs game & got to hang out on the field pre-game [pretty sure Luke died and went to heaven this day]! In September I also started a 30 before 30 challenge!

Luke & I found REALLY cheap tickets for Denver - so we booked a very spontaneous trip for a long weekend! Denver was TOO much fun. We went on a brewery tour & spent a day walking around Boulder. We ate a lot of Mexican food & drank a lot of margaritas - I could get used to that! 

November = Thanksgiving! Seattle had a freak snow storm a few days before Thanksgiving, which forced the city to shut down... no work for me! :) In a past life I lived in Central Oregon where it snows all the time, so I'm blessed with the skills to drive in snow!

Merry Christmas! We spent Christmas at my parents house & the week between Christmas & New Years in Portland. Very relaxing! :) We had a great time catching up with lots of friends & family! I love the holidays!

Merry Christmas [to me!]

Monday, December 27, 2010

I [might] have just ordered these for myself!

[Antique Deco Ring & Viva La Juicy Tote]

I couldn't resist an extra 50% off of items that are already drastically marked down!
Merry [late] Christmas to me!

XOXO, Holly

A Carman family Christmas

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Here are some of our photos from Christmas Eve & Christmas day - Enjoy!

Christmas Eve lunch at the Lobster Shop in Tacoma

Christmas puppy relaxing in front of the fireplace
The Carman's at the Zoo Lights
Our Christmas tree
Christmas decorations

Christmas reindeer

Christmas puppy

Ornaments on the tree

Those 2010 winter Olympics mittens that were impossible to find!

Luke got new shoes!

Gingerbread House! They're harder to make than you think...

Merry Christmas

I hope you all have a very Merry day!

[p.s. this gingerbread house is a lot cuter than the one I made!]

[image via]

A FUN week ahead...

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Well it's almost Christmas [yay!] and I have a week off work between Christmas and New Years [thanks, MLB for shutting down the office for a week - appreciate that!] And I'm headed down to my favorite city, Portland, for the week. I already have a packed schedule and am so excited to re-connect with so many great friends!

Meet up with cousin Abby - Happy Hour? It was her birthday yesterday - so maybe a lil belated birthday celebration...
 [Abby in the middle]

Luke and I are venturing down to Salem for dinner & beers w. Craig/Alan & RD/Jessica [Craig and RD are my two of my friends from college, out of our old friend group they are the two that I keep in touch with & also two of the nicest guys I know]
RD [on the right]
[Craig on the left]

Luke's company Holiday Party

Happy Hour with the girls [Kaitlin, Gina, Elyse & Sarah] It's also Elyse's birthday!
[me & Gina]
[Elyse & myself]
 [me & Kaitlin - this must have been about 10 years ago!]

New Years Eve! We have absolutely NO plans as of yet... I'm sure we'll find something fun to do...
[NYE last year...]

What? No plans yet? Hopefully I'll get to see these girls... my favorite cousin that isn't my cousin & and my favorite aunt that isn't my aunt! [they belong to Luke]
[me, Aunt Sue & Jenni]

The dreadful drive back to Seattle. Not that Seattle is dreadful, but the 3 hour drive is.

Suddenly a week off doesn't feel so long now, with all these plans. Either way, I'm excited to get out of town for a week & just enjoy "hanging out"!


XOXO, Holly

2010/2011 Travel Map

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

As 2010 comes to a close and 2011 is right around the corner; I can't help but look back on all of the amazing trips that Luke and I have taken this year & the exciting destinations we have to look forward to in 2011!

If you know me even a tiny bit, you know that I get excited about almost everything. I love having something to plan and something to look forward to! Check out the little map I created that shows everywhere we traveled to last year and our upcoming adventures that I can't wait to start planning for!

Here is our 2010/2011 Travel Map!
Black Check Marks: Where we traveled in 2010!
[Miami, FL - San Francisco, CA - Chicago, IL - Denver, CO]

White Check Marks: Our first travel destination for 2011!
[Phoenix, AZ]

Wedding Rings: The weddings we're attending in 2011 for our friends!
[Eugene, OR - Sikeston, MO - San Diego, CA - Miami, FL - Seattle, WA]

Christmas Tree: Where we're going to spend Christmas in 2011!
[New York City]

Red Push Pin: A destination that we've been wanting to check out for fun!
[Austin, TX]

MORE Holiday Cheer!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My own Christmas photo! Thanks, Luke!

Presents under our family Christmas tree!

Christmas tree @ Pioneer Courthouse Square - Portland, OR

 a mini holiday cupcake I got at work - I thought it was too cute to eat!

My holiday favorite: Baking!

One of my favorite things about the holidays is all the yummy food that we make! My family sure knows how to cook & you can bet that we'll be eating some delicious meals this coming Christmas weekend! Of course I don't have the pictures yet, but over at Martha Stewart's website, she's got 'em all!
What are you all baking this holiday weekend?

Here's what's on the menu over at my family's house this holiday weekend:

Prime Rib. A blend of 16 different spices make up the dry rub for this delicious centerpiece.

Yorkshire Pudding. Goes perfect with the Prime Rib pan drippings. 

 Potato Casserole. A recipe from my mom's best friend.

My mom's famous Montana Dinner Rolls. A MUST have at our holiday dinner table.
Creamed corn with heavy cream and Parmesan cheese. Another recipe from my mom's best friend.

Moms homemade apple turnovers!

Hot buttered rum! I've never had this before... We're trying something new!

and just for fun... 
cute holiday cookies.

an even cuter igloo cake, complete with little penguins!

XOXO, Holly

Paying it forward...

Monday, December 20, 2010

This morning I pulled up to the Starbucks drive-thru window to pay for my morning mocha & bagel. When I pulled out my card to hand to the cashier, he informed me that the gentleman in front of me had paid for my order. Wow! I don't even know this guy, but he totally made my Monday so much better!

I'm now inspired to do something nice for someone I don't know. The next time that I go through the Starbucks drive-thru I'm going to pay for the person behind me & I hope that it makes their day as much as it made mine this morning!

[image via]

Happy Monday!
XOXO, Holly