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A Dining Room Story

As I stated in my last blog post, we've been in our house for six years now. Over those six years we've done quite a bit of painting, decorating, re-decorating, furniture arranging and furniture re-arranging. I tend to get bored with furniture arrangements after some time, so my solution is to move everything around into a new configuration, so the space feels new and fresh.

I was recently gifted an old wood dresser that belonged to my dad and before that, by grandma. I initially had thoughts of replacing my not-so-well-made IKEA dresser with this new-to-me family dresser. When Luke and I moved the dresser from the garage into the house I instantly knew it had to go in the dining room to act as secondary storage on the first floor of our house #smallhouseproblems. Storage has always been a pain point for us, so this seemed like an easy solve. Luckily the dresser fits right into the space - and bonus points that the dresser hides all our extra belongings, therefore making the o…

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